Do techs deliver babies in L and D???

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    A girl I know keeps posting on Facebook saying how "delivers babies" at work.Then she receives all these comments like "you probably delivered my twins" or you're a great nurse. This girl is also a tech and often scrubs in the OR.
    Excuse my ignorance but do techs and literally get to pull the babies out??? I want to call her out on it but thought I'd get the correct information.
    I'm just sick of everyone claiming to be something they are not. Being seeing this alot lately and I'm a bit annoyed.

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    I highly doubt any MD would let a tech deliver a baby. L&D has some of the highest premiums for insurance and the liability is huge. Things can go bad quick. No respecting OB or nurse would allow something like this. She might have been in the room at the time of delivery but that's about it.
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    We have a nurse that refers to herself as the "baby catcher" frequently in discussions. She is not a L&D nurse or a nursery nurse, but she does float there sometimes when they are busy to help answer call lights.
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    I agree with the posts here but it is possible even if rare. When i had my son a nursing student stood by my side the whole time she was amazing. She held my hand when i was scared, talked me through my fears, massaged me to prevent tearing. When it came time to push she talked me through it. She ended up dekivering my son while the doctor ran in the room.
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    Thank you for the input. Please forgive my OP, sometimes when I'm annoyed and venting I make many,many errors. I cannot count how many spelling and grammar errors I made.
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    Same here. I have a small touchscreen lol.
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    I am an OB tech and nursing student. I can honestly say I have never delivered a baby (myself). In most cases the doctor is there...but on a rare occasion when the dr doesn't get there in time, a NURSE would deliver the baby. Never the tech. There is no way she is even qualified to do that....techs are basically CNAs.
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    Never heard of a tech delivering a baby. In the room? Yes. Not delivering. Sounds like she's giving herself a lot of credit. And I too hate when people claim to be something they're not, ESPECIALLY a nurse as it's a crazy amount of work to become one.
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    What if the tech scrubs in the or ???
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    Quote from crazy&cuteRN
    What if the tech scrubs in the or ???
    I agree with pinknblue - and in the OR, still not likely, at least not in the L and D and C/S where I've worked.

    Anne, RNC

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