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The hospital that I work at is in the process of becoming baby friendly, and I have some questions about how the baby friendly initiative is implemented in other hospitals. I want to start by... Read More

  1. by   Marymoomoo
    Quote from klone
    If they are FORCING tired moms to keep their babies in their rooms, without any family support in caring for the infant, then they're not interpreting or implementing BFHI correctly. Blame your facility, not BFHI.
    This times 1000!

    Baby-Friendly is about supporting moms and babies in the best possible way. If a mom doesn't have family support and she needs to rest, then baby may need to be with a nurse for a few hours. Families should be educated about the importance of keeping mom and baby together, as well as educated about how to keep baby safe in these early days of life (someone awake with baby, someone awake while mom is feeding baby, etc). They should also be educated about the reasons for keeping mom and baby together that have nothing to do with breastfeeding and bonding, such as reduced risk of nosocomial infections! That might be something your hospital could build into their expectant mom packets and teach at hospital tours/childbirth classes.

    Hospitals aren't luxury inns with daycare. It's not crazy to expect parents to care for their own newborn. They will have to do it 24/7 in a day or so when they go home. They need to understand what that is really like, and gain confidence in their parenting abilities before they take their new little one(s) home without any help around. Self efficacy is very important. If a mom is truly sick or just exhausted, then of course the nursery or the care of a nurse should be available for that. Otherwise, in the arms of a loving family member is the best place for a new baby to be.