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  1. Nurse practitioner arrested in opioid pill mill

    Tramadol is more euphoric than other opiates and opioid meds for some people. It also has antidepressant actions and is similar in chemical structure to Effexor.
  2. Please Don't Judge Patients

    And why does that bother you?
  3. One thing i dont understand(at the nurses' station)

    Where in the world was not conquered? That is not unique to this country. It is the history of humankind and civilization.
  4. What to do about how colleagues treat residents?

    So many seem lack the quality of empathy. I see it all the time and even as a supervisor I am not backed up by the Administration when attempting to counsel and educate my staff or hold them accountable in a 5 star facility. They don't want to hear i...
  5. Nursing is not what it is made out to be..

    You believe that is rare in nursing? Those who set out to sabotage? I can't even believe you mean that in 30 years you have been oblivious to such a pervasive practice.
  6. Nursing is not what it is made out to be..

    You are the exception. I have never been targeted by bully nurses but I have seen them in action in every facility I have ever worked.
  7. What does your nursing career repair bill say about you?

    Would have become a pharmacist or anything but a nurse.
  8. Certified addict nurse able to report nurse patient?

    Addiction does not mean practicing impaired. You can be addicted and not use while practicing.
  9. Certified addict nurse able to report nurse patient?

    That is terrible and I can't imagine how it is not a HIPAA violation. As a psych nurse I have cared for nurses detoxing from drugs and alcohol and know of no such requirement. What a deterrent to getting help.
  10. Damned if you do/don't

    If the asked her a direct question regarding the wound what was she supposed to say? I think you were correct. I would not feel comfortable withholding information.
  11. I Lost My Baby And My Phone!

    People just want to be heard and understood. What's unfortunate is that the nurses on her unit were probably so overloaded with meaningless documentation requirements that they don't have time to provide person centered care.
  12. Helping patients kill themselves

    That's the point though. Will providers that have moral objections to these practices be either forced to participate or give up their medical careers? I believe that that people have the right to end their lives in the face of suffering however; no ...
  13. Pet peeve

    There are very intelligent people with written language difficulties that make even using spell check ineffective at times. Try to understand that you experiences are not everyone else's and some are doing the best they can given their circumstances.
  14. Treating Respiratory Failure With Ativan/Lorazapam

    IME when MDs can't figure something out, they often go to a psych origin. Truth is, many physicians refuse to admit sometimes they just don't know.
  15. Looking for Guidance on Mistake

    A mistake to provide food for a baby?? What could be more "baby friendly?"