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Transition nursing and couplet care
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Emmasmom03 has 3 years experience and specializes in Transition nursing and couplet care.

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  1. Nothing HCA does would surprise me.
  2. Emmasmom03

    Average call time

    Mine is around 5 minutes on an average day. My calls vary widely though and are mostly easy issues like pink eye, strep and stomach flu. So my call time is short on those as they are super easy.
  3. Anyone know how long this is taking now? I applied in February and have gotten the TPP, but not my regular license.
  4. Emmasmom03

    Current/graduates from UTA online RN program

    Honestly it was a very boring program that focused on a lot of busywork, but I finished it and got my degree and kept a good GPA.
  5. Emmasmom03

    Lone star vs. San jacinto school

    Well that is a tough question as most of us have only done one program or another. I went to San Jac and I learned a ton, but many of my classmates did not enjoy the program (but I think it is mostly due to the fact that this was their first real experience in a college setting. I already had several degrees and was older so I was not intimidated like they were). Pick whichever one fits your needs the best as they are not close together particularly. I am assuming they also have different schedules.
  6. Emmasmom03

    8 Work From Home Jobs

    I work from home as well. No worries about being late as I have to punch in and have to be on to take calls during my hours. I love it. I don't have to get dressed, but I usually do unless I am working overtime for a couple of hours. We have chats with other nurses during our shifts so we are not completely isolated.
  7. Emmasmom03

    School Shootings

    Honestly one thing we have got to do is to stop glamorizing guns. I am on another site called Nextdoor which is for people who live around next. Every single day there is a thread about a "potential" criminal ( basically someone who looks like they don't belong in the neighborhood) and people will talk about being locked and loaded either when approaching them or when answering their front door. What does this teach our children? It teaches them that guns can solve all of your problems. I can't stand this type of attitude even though most don't shoot, but accidents happen and situations get out of control. If you want to hunt then fine, but when you refuse to open your front door without being armed then we have an issue.
  8. Emmasmom03

    Pro Life Beliefs and Nursing

    I worked in Women's and still was not an issue. The only time I remember something remotely similar was a woman who was less than 20 weeks and who was dilated and contracting and maybe an infection?? I can't remember, but I know there were some nurses who let this poor woman stay in pain because giving the pain meds would relax her and she would deliver a non-viable fetus. It had already been determined that there was nothing more that could be done to stop labor, but all but one of the nurses refused to give the meds as they did not want to participate in what basically became an abortion. It was sad any way you looked at it.
  9. Emmasmom03

    Day vs Night Personalities

    I think it just depends. I am very laid back so night shift at the hospital was great for me, but with new mom's and babies it could be tough as night as we also had to act as lactation consultants as we don't have any at night. That of course is when Mom and Dad are tired and baby wants to eat all night. On the other hand we rarely had to deal with doctors or management, for which I was grateful.
  10. Emmasmom03

    Average call time

    I think my call time is pretty low. I am at about five minutes for the actual call, not including documentation time. I know I go fast, but so many of the calls are about strep or ear infections. There is really only so many questions you can ask. I guess i just feel like that is too low, but since this is a new contract we have not been evaluated yet. I guess I will just have to wait and see.
  11. Emmasmom03

    New to triage and feeling incompetent!

    Not long at all. Just started this year. And yes, we have lots of protocols and work instructions.
  12. Emmasmom03

    HCA thoughts? StaRN program?

    I would say no personally. I may have a different view. I used to work for a hospital in Houston that was bought out by HCA last August. At first it was fine, but starting the beginning of this year they began to implement a lot of cost cutting measures that were detrimental to the patients and to the nurses. They are basically trying to run off the union that has been there for long before they were. They have been firing charge nurses left and right so that they can put their own in. It is just not a fun place to work anymore. I was PRN and had been working quite a bit up until February. That month I was given one scheduled day. One. Not the four like PRN's always get. Just one and then I was called off for that shift. I decided to leave as I had found another job and then they were asking me to stay. Not because they wanted or needed me. They wanted me to stay so it would not affect their numbers of nurses who were quitting.... They took away bonus pay for extra shifts added, they are now taking away weekender pay. Is that enough? Run far away from HCA.
  13. Emmasmom03

    New to triage and feeling incompetent!

    Telephone triage nursing is so different than what most people think. Some days go really well and you feel like you have the hang of the job and then the next day you feel like every decision you made was wrong. I mostly only have inbound calls for Tricare. We can be super busy and lots of young, new parents and lots of OB questions. I question my decisions constantly.
  14. Emmasmom03

    Actual job requirements of teletriage

    My job truly is just triaging. I don't have to answer questions about directions to the office and I do not make the appointments myself. We have coordinators who do that part of the job. I just answer the triage questions. And yes we do have some scripting, but not everything. There are times when you have to be creative as people call in for something that there is no real script for. My job is slightly different though as I work for a contract with Tricare and not with a doctor's office.
  15. Emmasmom03

    Working online?

    Yes, my company does require a landline. I don't know about working overseas though.
  16. Emmasmom03


    Not high stress after you get used to it. Right now lots of overtime and bonuses being offered, but that us because this is a brand new contract and they underestimated staffing. I enjoy it for the most part.