A guide for our American Guests!

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    Need help to understand what we Brits are talking about?....You need look no further!

    http://www.geocities.com/brit-club/links.html A site with links to all things British

    http://www.travelfurther.net/diction...an-british.htm An American to British dictionary.

    http://www.travelfurther.net/diction...h-american.htm A British to American dictionary.

    http://www.brookview.karoo.net/BFA/ Thinking of coming over for a visit?? This is for you! (British sarcasm at its best!)


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    Way too funny, but do you really think the Yanks will get it?? Maybe a bit too subtle......

    .....e.g. "On entry to Britain, new drivers_ are christened "Pakkee" (the Hindu word for "doughty driver");_ help them to feel at home by using their name as much as possible in conversation. "!!!
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    Love it - I have so many fond memories of Britain
    That is the best thing about nursing we are transportable ----- HA HA
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    Where did you live Tookie?? Are you planning to come back for a visit any time soon??
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    In 2000 I spent a year back-packing around Europe and lived 9 minths in London - yes CENTRAL LONDON - just off Oxford Street called Great Titchfield Street (W1P 7DN was my post code), beside Portland Street and their famous hospital!!! Ohh it was wonderful!! I worked in the Body shop ( i know there are 3 on Oxford Street) - the largest one near Bond Street and Marble Arch!!I did make-up and make overs there and made some of the best friends ever! I love the people, I love the accents, I love the country, and I even love the weather!!! (it was a nice change!!) I also broke my arm, wrist and dislocated my shoulder and ended up in Charring Cross Hospital. Thank you to the nurses there were were and no doubt still are brilliant!!!! i lived in a share-house with some english and Irish people and was forever at the pubs!! Crown and Scepter on Gt Titchfield Street was next-door!!!
    Ohh such great memories of such wonderful times and fantastic people!!! I can't wait to graduate, do my grad year, then another year specialising in the emergency depatment and public health and then hot-tail it back to the UK for a few years.
    My heart will always be in Australia, and i am very patriotic, and very aussie too, but just one last working holiday in the UK will be super!!!
    I plan to go back in July for a week to London after i have visited Istanbul and then maybe onto America!! Woohoo getting excited already. Sorry to get carried away but the Brittish are beautiful people (esp Jamie Oliver!!)
    Love Rachel @}-->--------
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    My best girlfriend an I took a trip to Paris and decided to take the train to London for the day...we had SO MUCH FUN!! I plan on making an entire trip out of Britain next time! I laughed myself silly at the mess we americans have made of the english language. We bought an American to English dictionary while we were there! I have a "Mind the Gap" tee shirt that I have to explain to EVERYONE!! Oh and a magnet on my fridge reads "way out" makes sense to me...
    Our trip is scheduled for 2005!!! Can't wait!!! I'm gonna check out those links too - to study up!
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    Just curious...Is it possible for an experienced nurse to work in the UK? What would be the requirements? Any input is greatly appreciated...

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    Try to remind yourself that not all Americans are "yanks."As for the the term "Pakee" I do recollect that some offensive british people used the term "Paki" as a shortened form of Pakistani, and the term "Pakee" which sound soooo similar to Paki can be mistakened for the term Paki. One needs to be careful that they do not intentionally offend others as American citizens are very diversified in ethnic background. I am under the distinct impression that the purpose of the Allnurses BB is not to offend others.
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    Thanks for the links. Just remember, we learned to appreciate Monty Python, and many of our most popular sitcoms are based on British Shows.
    And now that we have DirecTV and get BBC America, I cannot miss "So Graham Norton". (And like "Absolutely Fabulous" and "Coupling" and so on.

    I was lucky a few years back, two weeks in Ireland, one in England (3 days in London). I enjoyed so much and hope to be back again and again. Meanwhile, we have this board to get to know one another!

    I had learned some "Brit-speak" before I went, like not to say "fanny pack". But the wildest was a crossword puzzle book I bought at Heathrow to do on the plane. I wish I would have kept it, I couldn't get one answer correct, and I do crosswords all the time.

    Anyway, it's brilliant. Cheers.
    Last edit by kavi on Feb 1, '03
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    I love the first site! :roll

    I'm coming! I'm going to live there for a year! :roll And just how does an American citizen live and work there??

    Thanks! :kiss

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