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Your patient is to receive KCl 10meq IV q 12h. Meds come from the pharmacy diluted in 50mL D5W. The nurse knows the max rate of administration should not exceed 20 mEq/hour. So the max rate for the... Read More

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    I really appreciate the information you have given me. It has helped me alot. Thanks for your kindness. It tells just how caring you are.
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    This post has been heavily edited for posts the were divisive and rude that derailed the thread. Allnurses.....

    promotes the idea of lively debate. This means you are free to disagree with anyone on any type of subject matter as long as your criticism is constructive and polite. We also ask to please refrain from name-calling. This is divisive, rude, and derails the thread. Our first priority is to the members that have come here because of the flame-free atmosphere we provide. There is a zero-tolerance policy here against personal attacks. We will not tolerate anyone insulting other's opinion nor name calling.
    This thread was about help for the OP need math assistance. Let's please stick to the topic.
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