What to buy/read before starting nursing school!

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    I start my ADN program September 7th (my parents anniversary and 3 days before my 23rd bday...not going to be enjoying THAT this year...lol) and I wanted to know what I can buy to help me in my classes, and what are some good books or things to read to start preparing for nursing school?

    I want to be as prepared as possible and do everything I can to make the next 2 years as easy as possible! lol (if THATS even possible)

    I also have to work around this nursing schedule which isn't going to be easy as it is, plus i'll be taking an online A&PII class while taking nursing courses. Tomorrow my husband and I are tearing up our bedroom, painting it, and basically just shedding its current state to make it easier to have a sort of "office" in one big portion so It will be easier to do homework and study.

    I also plan on buying a REALLY good recorder for lectures that away i can listen to that while doing homework and studying and such.

    Basically I just want hints on anything that you did that helped you through nursing school, things that you regretted doing, and things you wish you would have done to help. I know these questions have been asked thousands of times on here but I just wanted to make it specific to me you know...

    Any help is appreciated!!!
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    I have a REALLY good planner that I live and die by. I have an NCLEX review book that I'll use when I need extra help studying for a subject. Beyond that, I just have a hard time staying organized, so that would be my suggestion, get whatever you need to stay organized.
    Oh! And this is going to sound STUPID, but if you highlight your books like I do, you'll appreciate it. Sharpie makes a gel highlighter now. Get a ton of those rather than the regular ink ones. These won't bleed through the paper. WOOT!
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    You're going to want to have A&P done before you start nursing school. This is for two reasons: (1) they'll expect you to already have that knowledge and (2) you'll want the extra time for the nursing material.

    I suggest you take A&P II this summer so you can focus on nursing classes this fall.
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    Thanks Kristey! I found these AWESEOME highlighters I got last semester...they're ERASABLE!!! expensive but awesome!

    @bhanson....If I COULD Take A&PII over the summer I would...BELIEVE me. i don't want to take it with my nursing classes...but I have a few problems...the only summer classes i can take is online classes as I have to work 5 days a week and theres no way i can fit in A&PII with my work schedule (I mean that because i looked at the local college class times and EVERY one of them interferes with my job....)

    Also because I can only take it online I'm reduced to only a few options, the cheapest is EduKan, but the problem with ALL of those, i have to pay out of pocket because I have already borrowed this years maximum amount of loans/grants and I can NOT come up with 750-1500$ (based on school/books) within the next month...so again..im out of luck
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    There is a great book called "How to Survive And Even Love Nursing School." It's all about how to prepare. I didn't buy it myself, I just found it at the library.

    Get your A&P done. It's critical information.
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    If you're planning on buying a recorder before school, I would suggest holding off. Some schools don't allow you to record lectures, as they discuss real patient situations from clinical.
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    A good organizer and a Starbucks gift card. Two things I wish I had Good Luck! It's very exciting!
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    Quote from msjellybean
    If you're planning on buying a recorder before school, I would suggest holding off. Some schools don't allow you to record lectures, as they discuss real patient situations from clinical.
    Yeah i was going to wait until Orientation before i buy most of the stuff for class (its june 17th) and we'll get a "shopping list" and we'll be able to talk with the first year teachers about what we can and cant have in class...so hopefully i CAN have a recorder...

    @Staragate I'm definitely getting that book...!!! thanks so much!

    @iluvpatho Thats why im getting a Samsung Galaxy tab...theres some amazing apps for organizers on there and im NOT good with paper...lol as for starbucks giftcard...it sucks but theres only 1 starbucks within 50 miles of here and its attached to a Krogers! lol...I LOVE it but won't get many options to go around here but I am going to buy stock in energy drinks! lol
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    A ton of flash cards. Those things are my best friend. I've gone through 300 since Saturday. It kind of irks me that I can memorize 300 flash cards in two to three cycles of them and it takes me soooo long to write them. I used to use the flashcards on my tablet but i found I learn them better if I have to write them vs type them and then memorize them with less distractions.

    A NCLEX Review book, I recommend Saunders. I have one I use for my classes and highlight and write in, it's an old edition and I will be getting the newest edition for the actual date.

    A laser printer, i got a cheap black and white one and it cost like 50$ but I have only replaced the toner once in the past two semesters and I print a ton. I recycle all my papers after since I print soo much and reprint things.

    Rolling bag. I hate them but they are very useful because some days my stuff is very heavy to carry, especially when i'm super sleepy.
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    @MsPC I have this book called "Fundamentals success: A course review applying critical thinking to test taking" Its completely filled with nursing NCLEX questions and has 2 CD's for NCLEX prep...I was thinking of buying another book though...

    is this the book you mentioned? Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RNŽ Examination

    also do you have a recommendation for a rolling backpack? I've been looking on eBags but not finding to many with a lot of pockets and a laptop holder....

    also I think i'm going to buy stock in Flashcards! lol I have heard from multiple people that flashcards got them through nursing school

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