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    We need to make a pretend patient for a class. It can be over any adult patient we want or one we make up. Basically we would talk about the patient and see what course of treatment we would do. I was thinking about doing herpes encephalitis. Any other suggestions for diseases or conditions?
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    Do something that interests you, what's your area of interest?
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    Wounds. But it is supposed to be a critical care scenario. So I am basically looking up other conditions that could be interesting to do. It's not really a presentation but a mock scenario. The class is heavily involved with human patient simulators, but due to the wide variety we're not using the human patient scenarios for our own scenarios.
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    Would it be possible to combine your area of interest with a critical care scenario? Something like a necrotizing fasciitis, compartment syndrome (postop w/open wounds), or an infected/non healing sternotomy? There are lots of wounds to manage in critical care patients.
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    Well, we did a compartment syndrome scenario and I think we're duing a burn this week in lab. Necrotizing fascitis might be interesting. I really don't want to do a wound-based scenario.

    Like maybe I am looking for interesting stories where you think the person is going to die.

    One I can think of is one where a patient had a GI bleed. She was stable when she came in but vomited once and started crashing fast.
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    If you wanted to do wanted to do encephalitis due to herpes, there is a great case study on "patient H&M". Since they have to take out parts of the brain and hippocampus, it could work out for a scenario because you would also have to plan for other healthcare professional assistance such as various types of therapy while also monitoring and assessing the patient after surgery.
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    Guillain Barre Syndrome can be an interesting one. Someone comes in with a little bit of weakness/numbness in their feet and before you know it, they're intubated in the ICU and can't move anything.
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    We don't see it nearly as often as we used to, thank god, but how about something that gives you flash pulmonary failure, like pneumocystis or coccidiomycosis?
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    Thanks! I'll look up the conditions.

    Just to be safe, there is more than just naming a condition here. I have to come up with a scenario, pathophysiology, possible treatments/orders, lab values, possible outcomes dependent on what treatments were done, etc.
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    What if you had an unstable septic patient and the sepsis source of infection was from a wound? A LOT of critical care is dealing with septic patients, you could talk about titrating multiple drips, multiple antibiotics, resulting organ failure etc...