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Recently, one of the instructors at my nursing school told us that recent research had suggested that the max dose of tylenol should be less than the now recommended 4000mg. She did not state her... Read More

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    I believe that ibuprofen is also metabolized by the liver. It also will cause people to have slow blood clotting times as well as being hard on the stomach. I think the reason that the dosage is being lowered for Tylenol is because it is found in so many children's medicine and unfortunately parents as a whole don't read the labels or in a tired bout of sleepless nights forget what each medication contains. So it is safer to just lower the dose. My pediatrician told me that parents over use fever reducers. She said as long as my child didn't have a high fever or was showing signs of pain that it was fine to let him have a low grade fever. Of course I kept an eye on him. I'm not a nurse, but I was told these things by a hematologist and my child's regular doctor.

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    All meds are essentially metabolized by the liver....Ibuprofen is concerted to metabolites that are then excreted by the kidneys.
    Ibuprofen has an elimination half-life of approximately 2 hours. It is rapidly metabolized through oxidation and glucuronic acid conjugation with urinary excretion of the inactive metabolites usually complete within 24 hours.
    It does not produce the toxic effect on the liver that Tylenol does.

    The recommended dosage of Tylenol has not been changed.....but additional caution has been issued by the FDA due to the deleterious effects on the liver and it's prevalence in cold products that are OTC for children.
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