Pathophysiology Help!!

  1. So I am supposed to look up the pathophysiology of lymphedema. It is not in my pathophysiology book nor is the pathophysiology mentioned in the other 5 books I have for my nursing program.

    ... I am now thinking I need to turn to the Internet - but I am afraid to do so because I do not know what would be a credible resource for the pathophysiology of lymphedema!!

    Will someone who has a better idea of what sites would be a good start? I've already looked at National Cancer Institute's site and it has a pathophysiology of the lymphatic system but is not telling me what it is for lymphedema. Maybe I'm reading into it too literally?

    I have never been good with physiology, but I am trying to figure this out so I can turn in my clinical paperwork! Just a nudge into the right direction is all I am asking for! Thank you so much for your help in advance!!
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    If you can't find it in texts, look for journal articles. Google scholar is a nice one if you don't have access to other databases.

    Check these out
  4. by   Esme12
    Lymphedema Google is your friend.

    I like requires registration and it is totally FREE!!!! and it is a good medical source and resource.

    Lymphedema is a notoriously debilitating progressive condition with no known cure. The unfortunate patient faces a lifelong struggle of medical, and sometimes surgical, treatment fraught with potentially lethal complications.
    The underlying problem is lymphatic dysfunction, resulting in an abnormal accumulation of interstitial fluid containing high molecular weight proteins. This condition underscores the tremendous importance of a normally functioning lymphatic system, which returns proteins, lipids, and accompanying water from the interstitium to the venous circulation near the subclavian vein–internal jugular vein junction, bilaterally. The normal and abnormal flow of interstitial fluid through the lymphatic system are demonstrated below.
    Lymphedema: MedlinePlus

    The National Lymphedema Network -

    Lymphedema -
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    Gold star for tortor for not just asking us to do his/her homework but saying what s/he has done to help him/herself and where the confusion lies. People like this get better help because they have demonstrated some efforts on their own behalf. Keep up the good work, tortor.
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    Yes I agree and that should be a sample post of how to ask for help.
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    The Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic have great websites for accurate credible information on a huge amount of diseases. I use them when my book just doesn't cut it.
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    Wow!! Thank you EVERYONE for the great suggestions!! I'm going to have to bookmark these for the future if I ever need to find different sources!

    I love AN for this reason!! So helpful!!