Need Help Acting a Disease infront of the class

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    We have to pick a endocrine disorder and present it to the class like we have it, there is one nurse and one patient. So I got last pick in my class and I got Addisons Disease. Now I know what addisons disease is, your adrenal glands aren't producing Cortisol and Aldosterone. But I have NO clue how I could possibly make a script and make this funny and enjoyable for others to watch. Any Ideas?

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    Have you googled Addisons's Disease to figure out what the s/sx would be?

    Not sure that it's advisable, appropriate or in good taste to make a disease presentation "funny and enjoyable." Hopefully those terms were not used in the basic assignment. If indeed they were, you could use your presentation of a serious condition as a platform to educate your peers as to the meaning of funny and enjoyable, and the conditions under which those adjectives are appropriate.
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    I re-read my post and apologize, it shouldn't be funny but should be enjoyable or be simple to where everyone in the class can understand it. the Signs and Symptoms don't get me a starting point, high potassium,low BP, craving for salt, chronic diarrhea, weakness.
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    Certainly low BP, salt craving, chronic diarrhea and weakness all should give you a great starting point.
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    I will guarantee your instructor and fellow students are members of this forum... are you trying to fail this fun little homework assignment?
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    I didnt ask you to do my homework for me, i was looking for a starting point.
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    I wonder what the purpose of this could be.
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    If you are the patient, you should pass out when the nurse comes in to do orthostatic BP.
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    This thread has been moved to Nursing Student Assistance. It is quite appropriate for students to post here for assistance. Please refrain from unhelpful responses.

    Virtual, share with us what other ideas you have thought of.
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    You listed some of the S/S of Addison's. How do you think you could "portray" a patient with those issues?

    Something else to think about you try to develop you skit: who was the most famous (yes, who is "most" famous can be argued) American to have Addison's? Think politics.

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