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The HYPERKALEMIA "Machine" - Causes of Increased Serum K+ M - Medications - ACE inhibitors, NSAIDS A - Acidosis - Metabolic and respiratory C - Cellular destruction - Burns, traumatic injury H - Hypoaldosteronism, hemolysis... Read More

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    these are links i have to mnemonics for a variety of different medical/anatomy/nursing things. you always have the option of making up your own as you are more likely to remember your own. and, you can make your own as nonsensical or nasty as you like and no one else has to know! medical students are notorius for coming up with some pretty skanky stuff. has listing of medical mnemonics at lower half of page
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    12 Cranial Nerve
    On old olympus's treeless top a Finn and a German viewed a hop
    trigeminal opthalmic branch, maxillary, mandibular branch

    hope it can help!
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    When trying to figure out a nursing diagnosis, remember this :

    A Nice Delicious PIE

    A= Assessment

    ND = Nursing diagnosis

    P= Plan

    I= Interventions

    E= Evaluation
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    Learning the Systems of the Body?


    M= Muscle
    R= Respiratory

    I= Integumentary
    C= Circulatory
    E= Endocrine

    R= Reproductive
    U= Urinary
    N= Nervous
    S= Skeletal
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    Trouble figuring out which eye is which?

    OS is left eye

    OD is the right eye

    You can remember which one is the right eye (OD), because you can make the D into an R - You just have to draw to stick legs on the bottom of the D. Write it down on paper, you'll see what I mean (it's hard to show you when all I can do is type)
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    S/S of Hyponatremia

    S tupor/coma
    A norexia, N&V
    L ethargy
    T endon reflexes decreased

    L imp muscles (weakness)
    O rthostatic hypotension
    S eizures/headache
    S tomach cramping
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    Quote from Kristi Lee
    I used this one to remember for Respiratory and metabolic acid/alk labs
    ROME RO-respiratory opposite ME metabolic equal
    Could someone please explain? Thanks!
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    R Respiratory

    O Opposite

    ph > PCO2 < Alkalosis
    ph < PCO2 > Acidosis

    M Metabolic

    E Equal

    ph> HCO3 > Alkalosis
    ph< HC03 < Acidosis

    Hope this helps to explain . Also if it is a repiratory problem co2 levels are going to be off and if it is a metabolic problem you HCO3 levels are going to be off.
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    Thanks, Kristi!

    Definitely helps--I'm making index cards on some of these to help me prepare for NCLEX.
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