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  1. by   MSUnurse
    Quote from Kristi Lee
    I used this one to remember for Respiratory and metabolic acid/alk labs
    ROME RO-respiratory opposite ME metabolic equal
    Could someone please explain? Thanks!
  2. by   Kristi Lee
    R Respiratory

    O Opposite

    ph > PCO2 < Alkalosis
    ph < PCO2 > Acidosis

    M Metabolic

    E Equal

    ph> HCO3 > Alkalosis
    ph< HC03 < Acidosis

    Hope this helps to explain . Also if it is a repiratory problem co2 levels are going to be off and if it is a metabolic problem you HCO3 levels are going to be off.
  3. by   MSUnurse
    Thanks, Kristi!

    Definitely helps--I'm making index cards on some of these to help me prepare for NCLEX.
  4. by   RNsRWe
    I just started a thread exactly like this one on the General Student board! LOL.....well, can definitely use one THERE, too.

    Anyway, since NCLEXers are looking here:

    MONA - Immediate tx of MI:

    M - Morphine sulfate
    O - Oxygen
    N - Nitroglycerin
    A - ASA

    UNLOAD FAST - Treatment of CHF:

    U - Sit Upright
    N - Nitro
    L - Lasix
    O - Oxygen
    A - Aminophylline
    D - Digoxin

    F - Fluids- decrease
    A - Afterload - decrease
    S - Sodium - decrease
    T - Tests: dig level, ABG, K+

    Canes - Assistive devices:

    C - Cane
    O - Opposite
    A - Affected
    L - Leg
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    Signs of a Cholinergic Crisis, think SLUD:

    S Salivation
    L Lacrimation
    U Urination
    D Defication

    Memory Trick:Need to remember which kind of beta blocker has which action?

    B1 Blocks the heart (you have only one heart)
    B2 Blocks the lungs (you have two lungs)
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    Quote from RNin2007
    4 F's...


    is it the risk factors of gallstones?
    and fair refers to what ?
  7. by   VickyRN
    Quote from coffeekat
    is it the risk factors of gallstones?
    and fair refers to what ?
    Light-skinned Caucasian, usually with blonde or red hair, blue eyes
  8. by   VRN-RN
    CRAINIAL NERVES. im pretty sure most of you heard of these.

    Nerves Functions

    I Olfactory -Oh -Sensory -Some
    II Optic- Oh -Sensory -Say
    III Occulomotor -Oh -Motor -Mary
    IV Trochlear -To -Motor -Money
    V Trigeminal -Touch -Both -But
    VI Abducens -And -Motor -My
    VII Facial -Feel -Both -Brother
    VIII Acoustic (vestoblochlear) -A -Sensory -Says
    IX Glosopharyngeal -Green -Both -Bad
    X Vagus -Veggie -Both -Business
    XI Spinal Accessory- Soon At -Motor -Mary
    XII Hypoglosal -Harvest- Motor -Money

    Oh oh oh to touch and feel a green veggie soon at harvest

    sensory sensory motor motor both motor both sensory both both motor motor
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  9. by   belfry
    Quote from moonshadeau
    I always had a hard time with this one, so I came up with my own related to experience.

    First there is snow(white), then mud season (brown), and the grass comes out (green obviously).

    As for the left side, I try to remember that financially that it is always better to be in the black, than in the red (financially).

    That is how I remember it anway.
    I learned by
    White on the right
    Clouds over grass (white over green)
    Smoke over fire (black over red)
    and poop in the middle (brown)
  10. by   belfry
    Quote from Nessa20
    CRAINIAL NERVES. im pretty sure most of you heard of these.

    Nerves Functions

    I Olfactory Oh Sensory Some
    II Optic Oh Sensory Say
    III Occulomotor Oh Motor Mary
    IV Trochlear To Motor Money
    V Trigeminal Touch Both But
    VI Abducens And Motor My
    VII Facial Feel Both Brother
    VIII Acoustic (vestoblochlear) A Sensory Says
    IX Glosopharyngeal Green Both Bad
    X Vagus Veggie Both Business
    XI Spinal Accessory Soon At Motor Mary
    XII Hypoglosal Harvest Motor Money

    (doesn't make sense but somehow I have remembered it for years!)
  11. by   dani_girl
    Quote from mopnglo42
    Trouble figuring out which eye is which?

    OS is left eye

    OD is the right eye

    You can remember which one is the right eye (OD), because you can make the D into an R - You just have to draw to stick legs on the bottom of the D. Write it down on paper, you'll see what I mean (it's hard to show you when all I can do is type)
    Another way to remember the eyes is:
    You look OUt with Both eyes.
    Take the Right dose so you won't OD [overdose].
    The only one that is Left is OS.
    - Both eyes=OU, Right eye=OD, Left eye=OS.
    Works for me
  12. by   sungoddess
    you ae a genius......where were you before I took the NCLEX Bellaluna
  13. by   dani_girl
    Still figuring out my direction in life I guess But hey you can help me when I take it!!!