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  1. Hello all I have an exam in med/surg and would like info on websites to visit to get practice test questions. Thanks
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    i ran across this link the other day. i was unable to access the exams from one or two of the links, but you should give them a try. also, i didn't have time to find out which nursing classes each set of exams was for in order to determine the content covered in each exam, so you're on your own with that as well. i hope there is something here you can use. - here are practice final exams in a number of their nursing classes with answers from daytona beach community college nursing department.
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    I found inclex books not only specifically designed for Med surge(although those are great) but regular incex books. I think they're are excellent tools for learning and practice questions. I don't know about your financial situation, and mine isn't too hot so I order my books from amazon pretty cheep. The ones I recomment are
    Nclex made incredibly easy questions and answers
    Saunders inclex
    Medical surgical nursing made incredibly easy CD rom only and there are others. I think the cd's that come with the book are even better.
    I also switched cd roms with my friend and she burned some for me and used mine and burned some for her and they are great. I find many times that the questions are similar to the test. Good luck!:wink2:
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    Quote from keishapound
    Hello all I have an exam in med/surg and would like info on websites to visit to get practice test questions. Thanks
    I have found the nclex books very helpful for studying for a test.
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    All these sites are great....Thank you all so much I plan to put them to good use!
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    Wow, that campus collusion site is fantastic overview/review of systems and disease processes. Although it doesn't have many interventions it is straight forward on diseases and BAM... the answer is there. Nursing interventions for all different diseases and illness I should know, but sometimes over the course of 2 years it's easy to forget portions of everything from head to toe, but this touches on the major systems. Thank you, excellent practice Q/A.
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    Go to Google and type Nclex 3500. You can practice questions with rationales.
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    I am in my last semster of nursing school and I would like pratice and review for med sure. Particularly for respiartory, endocrinology, neuro, caridiac, trauma and icu nursing. any suggestion or direction would be greatly apprecoated, thank you.
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