How did you pass dosage calculation?

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    I took my dosage calculation test today, and I'm fairly certain I didn't pass with the required 90%. I have two more opportunities to take the test. In order for me to learn math and how to do the problems I have to repeat the problems a million times over. This was just not possible in a class that only met 4 times. Once the semester starts I will get a tutor, but in the mean time can anyone offer any advice or tips on what helped them pass their dosage calculation test? Books with lots of problems, that type of thing? Thanks in advance!

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    I practiced many of the questions in the chapter reviews. I took good notes in class. Also, the online companion for your book should have a bazillion practice questions, quizzes, and maybe even some online tutors. If this still doesn't help you, try the tutor or get together with one of the students who are doing fairly better in the class. Dosage calc really isn't that difficult, you just got to practice. Good luck.
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    Practice, practice, practice.

    Don't bother working out calculations you already know. Focus on the one's you are having trouble with.

    I had to make a 100% in order to pass. You can do 90%.

    Don't think to hard. Memorize formulas.

    I am so glad to be done with Pharmacology!!
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    We had to teach ourselves the math. We had no math class. We were given a 400 plus page book, and told to complete every page prior to the exam. Apparently it worked because I made a 100, and I'm not phenomenal at math. I suggest Googling medical math practice problems. This could help you find problems you can practice online. Also, look for the calculations online, and see if you can find a website that breaks them down. Try this website and see if it helps:

    nursing calculators
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    agreed on the Practice, Practice, Practice.
    There are several formulas you can use. Me, I prefer the "Dimensional Analysis" method because I never have to memorize a formula.

    Google it and look for a video. In essence it puts everything in a fraction format, then you just cancel out the units, and multiply across, then divide
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    Practice. Know your conversions.
    I highly recommend learning dimensional analysis. Its almost foolproof once you get it. But, find the method that works best for you and do lots of practice questions till you get comfortable. You can do it. We need 100% on our dosage test every semester. We were taught DA in first semester and no one has failed out due to failing the math exam. I'm in 4th semester now. But again, find the method that you are most comfortable with.
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    Thank you everyone for your responses! I start on 1/23/12, and was hoping to pass the exam before I actually started nursing school. You must pass this test before you can start the 2nd semester, and on the first day of clinical you must pass a dosage calculation test with 100%.
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    don't ever think that your objective is merely passing the test so you can forget about worrying about it later. you will need med algebra (which is really what it is) for the rest of your working life. figure out from the above resources what works best for you and what you will internalize so you'll never forget it.
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    I agree with the Dimensional Analysis. That's the formula that worked best for me.

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