Drug orders PO "o.d."?

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    I'm doing a care plan based on a case study, and one of the meds listed is Lasix 80 mg PO, o.d.
    What does "o.d." mean? I've read that it can mean right (or was that left?) eye, or overdose, but obviously it has something to do with frequency in this case.
    Anybody know what it means? Could it be typo for q.d.?

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    once daily
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    od means left eye at my school but it wouldnt make since cause po means by mouth
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    And if your not sure if it was a typo ALWAYS ASK. Its better to ask someone then make a mistake
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    No way should you give this. It's a bogus order. OD is not an abbreviation for anything oral. The doctor needs to clarify.
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    I totally agree. BTW Jcaho have now drastically decreased the number of approved abbreviations and actually od, os, ou (left eye, right eye and both eyes) out of the system.
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    I assume it means once daily, but the others are correct, it's not a proper abbreviation so it should be checked.
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    "o.d." means every day. it's not an abbreviation that you see used that commonly.

    since someone brought up the issue of disapproved abbreviations (that's a jcaho thing, by the way), here's a link to the institute for safe medication practices' list of error-prone abbreviations, symbols, and dose designations. you will see that "o.d." is on the list.

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    Yep. But usually written QOD. But OD works
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    went over to the jcaho site and retrieved this for everyone to see:

    http://www.jointcommission.org/nr/rd...6_dnu_list.pdf - the official jcaho "do not use" list

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