Do grades really matter to future employers?

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    I am a Sophomore nursing student and I am most likely going to end up with a B or C in all of my classes. I am worried that it is going to hurt me in the future with the chances of being hired. Will my grades be very important?
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    Depends on what hospital you are going to apply to.
    All my friends are nurses now and nobody asked them their GPA.
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    I have never heard of an employer asking for your grades.
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    It could when it comes to New Graduate hospital programs. They will ask for transcripts, official or unofficial, gpa 3.0+, etc.. Other than this scenario, in my opinion, to ask for grades would just be silly!
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    Employers don't ask about grades or GPA, they just need to know that you are licensed and your background check comes back clean.
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    grades are not as important to the employer as whether or not you have a license. However, grades MAY be important in getting the license, in doing the job well after you are licensed and in furthering your education.
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    My hospital requires transcripts from all new grads -- and the grades DO matter. You don't have to be an "A" student, but particularly bad grades can hurt you.

    And I coordinate a student extern program -- where we definitely look at the grades. Again, straight A's are NOT needed, but C's, D's, and F's hurt you.
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    My new grad residency program asked for GPA and transcripts. I don't know how much it played into hiring decisions.
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    Our residency won't accept anyone with less than a 3.0 which shouldn't be too hard.
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    so, most places required for you to be in a graduate nurse residency/internship and most of them a programs that you have to "get in to". they are competitive as you do have to turn in your exit exam score, transcripts, letters of recommendations, ect. if i were you, i would try my best to make better grades. i was in the same predicament as you are and am having trouble getting into a program because of my gpa. good luck!