Do grades really matter to future employers?

  1. I am a Sophomore nursing student and I am most likely going to end up with a B or C in all of my classes. I am worried that it is going to hurt me in the future with the chances of being hired. Will my grades be very important?
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  3. by   Tesfanurse
    Depends on what hospital you are going to apply to.
    All my friends are nurses now and nobody asked them their GPA.
  4. by   loriangel14
    I have never heard of an employer asking for your grades.
  5. by   double_minority
    It could when it comes to New Graduate hospital programs. They will ask for transcripts, official or unofficial, gpa 3.0+, etc.. Other than this scenario, in my opinion, to ask for grades would just be silly!
  6. by   SuperRN_1
    Employers don't ask about grades or GPA, they just need to know that you are licensed and your background check comes back clean.
  7. by   classicdame
    grades are not as important to the employer as whether or not you have a license. However, grades MAY be important in getting the license, in doing the job well after you are licensed and in furthering your education.
  8. by   llg
    My hospital requires transcripts from all new grads -- and the grades DO matter. You don't have to be an "A" student, but particularly bad grades can hurt you.

    And I coordinate a student extern program -- where we definitely look at the grades. Again, straight A's are NOT needed, but C's, D's, and F's hurt you.
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  9. by   NewSN13
    My new grad residency program asked for GPA and transcripts. I don't know how much it played into hiring decisions.
  10. by   That Guy
    Our residency won't accept anyone with less than a 3.0 which shouldn't be too hard.
  11. by   _nursemarjorie
    so, most places required for you to be in a graduate nurse residency/internship and most of them a programs that you have to "get in to". they are competitive as you do have to turn in your exit exam score, transcripts, letters of recommendations, ect. if i were you, i would try my best to make better grades. i was in the same predicament as you are and am having trouble getting into a program because of my gpa. good luck!
  12. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from NewSN13
    My new grad residency program asked for GPA and transcripts. I don't know how much it played into hiring decisions.
    I got hired into a "new grad residency" with a 2.89, so I guess my grades were ok?
  13. by   sharapatan
    Thank you everyone for the information it was really helpful!
  14. by   stuart2994
    if u want to apply for new grad programs then yes. some programs require atleast 3.0 GPAs. but in my opinion just survive nursing school and work on ur networking skills while in the program. talk to nursing managers during clinicals, volunteer and make connections. because when u graduate ur connections will help u find a job and not ur GPA.