Wink Scrubs

  1. Does anyone wear Wink scrubs? Just wondering if they're worth buying because they're a little cheaper or if i should just stick to greys anatomy.
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  3. by   dawnmich
    so greys anatomy ones are good? good to know!
  4. by   Jjhrn
    I LOVE wink scrubs!
  5. by   FLDoula
    When I was out trying on scrubs at 2 different uniform shops for nursing school in the fall they both told me that Dickies is not selling med scrubs anymore and were bought out by Wink. Hmmmm. Dickies fit me best....found some GREAT deals on sellouts online though!
  6. by   Motivated grandma
    I have one scrub set each by Med Couture, NrG (makes Greys), and Winks.

    Winks scrubs don't have the stretch that the other two have, but I love the crispness of the fabric - not roughness - and I love the POCKETS! I'm doing phlebotomy clinicals right now, and the Wink pockets are fantastic for bandages, wipes, etc. Also, the petite pants fit very well - hugs the contour of my legs a bit more, and flares out a bit at the bottom. Even my teen daughter thought they looked great.

    Another thing I like about the Winks scrubs is that all the tops have the same pocket configuration - which is great when you have to carry a lot of stuff and don't want to figure out a different method of carrying your supplies every day.
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  7. by   Motivated grandma
    Just thought I'd drop back in to this thread to post that Wink has different lines, and each line has it's on fabric content. Apparently a couple of the lines have fabric with a bit of stretch in them.
  8. by   shamrokks
    I know I'm late on this thread but I LOVE WonderWink scrubs, especially the four stretch ones. They are so comfy! Just my two cents.
  9. by   SNB1014
    I just bought three sets in three styles and I love them !!
  10. by   SurrenderDorothy
    I don't know about the actual scrubs made by Wonderwink, but I purchased one of their silky long sleeve tees and the thing pilled after just wearing it once and looks awful now.