White Scrubs and That "Time of the Month". White Scrubs and That "Time of the Month". - pg.4 | allnurses

White Scrubs and That "Time of the Month". - page 4

Does any ladies here have to wear white or light scrubs? How do you deal with your cycle and possibly spotting? I have a heavy period, depending on what I take and eat, & im scared of spotting. I'm a... Read More

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    You could try a menstrual cup. They supposedly last for 12 hours but you can change them sooner like 6 hours. I would dedicate a small bottle to rinse them out. Then have a panty liner in your underwear for break through bleeding. But I recommend getting used to them first before relying soley on them since you need to learn to insert them and to take them out.

    I used tampons prior to being sexually active. I always bleed through them though.
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    Tampon (Super) + Panty Liner + Spandex . Never had an issue with this combo. My discomfort with Tampons usually occurred due to insertion at a bad angle, but you learn quick after a few times.