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  1. Icooka4u

    BSN To CRNA Program

    The requirements depend on the college you pick for your CRNA program. The most common requirements are: Active U.S. RN license (clean) BSN or appropriate BA/BS Science Degree with minimum 3.0 - 3.5 GPA undergrad courses esp. the science courses. Some won't take repeated courses. Resume/CV (curriculum vitae) CCRN Certification. At least 1-3 exp. in ADULT Critical Care ICU: Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Coronary Care Unit, Trauma ICU, Cardiovascular ICU, Neuro ICU, Burn ICU, and CT ICU. One school added that the following experience is NOT considered adult critical care: emergency room, post anesthesia care unit, step down unit, cath lab. GRE 3 Professional References 1/Current Nurse Manager, Shift Supervisor/Charge Nurse & Recent Professor. Work statement or Personal Statement 300-500 words depending on the school. Organic Chemistry Physics Undergrad Research course BLS & PALS (safety certifications)
  2. Icooka4u

    Job interview ethics...

    I had that happen to me while working in LTC. My floor got a new BSN-RN straight from school with zero exp.. I got invited to the night RN supervisor's wedding and she didn't. She gave me the shift off before knowing what it was for. After she found out, she tried to rescind the time off, but I wasn't going for it. After that incident, she attempted to ride me, but I stood my ground and knew policy & procedure. I decided to transfer to a different floor. One of the managers of a floor I had floated to & applied for, told me in confidence that she was trying to block me with the every manager's floor I applied to. But this manager told her she wanted no part of that and offered me the position. I was prepared to leave the facility if my transfer didn't go through. Needless to say, I outlasted the new nurse manager at the facility.
  3. An acquaintance of mine has been talking me to death about getting a cosmetic procedure called cool sculpting”. I finally went on Youtube to see visuals of this but forgot the name, and instead typed in tummy tucks. Geez Louise! The lipo was hard to watch. I did not know how popular these surgeries were being you have to pay out of pocket. 75% of the women are traveling to the DR (Dominican Republic) for cheaper costs. What is the typical number of lipo-abdominoplasty-bbl surgeries a U.S. surgeon will perform in a day? Disclaimer: No judgment.
  4. Hi. Regarding Women's Health - OB/GYN, I've worked on the Mother/Baby Postpartum unit (LDRP), High-Risk OB/GYN unit, in the nurseries for both units, and in OB/GYN offices. No NICU work exp. yet. Dual certification in Peds & NICU makes a lot of sense. Thanks for responding.
  5. Icooka4u

    Anyone done NIWH Whole Health Educator program?

    Aesthetically you website/blog page is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to read some of your experiences/posts!
  6. Icooka4u

    Anyone an Herbalist?

    I think it's great, and am interested in herbalism & aromatherapy. Now finding a program that is hands on in class is the challenge. Too many online only programs.
  7. My long term career goal is an NP (NNP and or WHNP) or CRNA - Nurse Anesthetist. One of my past PCPs (primary care physician's) were dual certified in Internal Med & Peds. That made me wonder if an NP can be dual certified. I know I love "Mother/Baby", Nursery, High Risk OB/GYN. I don't know if I will like L&D or Critical Care (ICU, CVICU, PACU). The Critical Care working exp. is a prereq for CRNA school. Still researching the job market in my area for my NP area of interest. Time, shadowing, & working exp in those areas will tell. Whichever one I pick, I plan to work that specialty area as a BSN for 5 solid years first.
  8. Like applesxoranges I had to wear the light blue stamped scrubs when I worked in L&D, High-Risk OB, & the Birthing Suites. My hospital also did not permit you to leave the building in them. I didn't mind the hospital scrubs. Some of these newer scrubs are too busy & too clingy imo.
  9. Icooka4u

    Security - Stethoscope Engraving

    Although it hasn't happened to me, it's obviously a huge issue according to numerous threads in allnurses regarding nurses stethoscopes walking off. Yes to getting yours engraved. Has anybody ever just declined to share their stethoscope? Why is there such a high instance of doctors not having their own stethoscope?
  10. Icooka4u

    Nursing speciality for someone that hates people

    Great title, I can't stop laughing. Certain nursing jobs or working with the wrong people will make the most happy-go-lucky feel this way.
  11. Icooka4u

    i HATE my job. Does anyone else feel the same?

    ROTF! At some point many people across all careers feel like that. My suggestion would be to take a stroll in the Specialties” area of allnurses. I never knew before exploring this website, that SO many different specialties of nursing existed. Next, if nothing there tickles your fancy, you could go into Medical Coding & Billing. You would be able to transfer many of your nursing knowledge to that area. After 2-3yrs exp, you could work from home. Great videos on Youtube about this. Lastly, what other things interest you? With a degree in nursing, you wouldn't have to start from zero to complete another degree.
  12. Icooka4u

    Can I lose license over f word?

    WOW! Like other's said you will not lose your license over that. Going forward, I would sign up with 1 or 2 other different agencies so if you're having a problem with one case, and that company won't accommodate, you can resign without having to worry about finding your next gig. Medicaid Private Duty Nursing has its cons, but the Pros I love are, if the client isn't a good fit for you, you can end the case. You get to decided which cases you will take.
  13. Icooka4u

    RN being pulled to work as aide?

    I totally agree with NOADLS about giving notice effective at the time of occurrence if it happens again”. Nurses too frequently get the short end of the stick in numerous occasions. A physician wouldn't dare get jerked around like a nurse would. You didn't go to RN school to be utilized as a CNA regardless if you don't mind the work or even completed a CNA program in the past. To be pulled for a CNA assignment during orientation is unacceptable. To be pulled for a CNA assignment after orientation, once in a while is one thing. However, the thing about management/person doing the pulling is, if they can get away with it they will until somebody puts a stop to it. Facilities are aware of their staffing needs in advance. They have it in their budget to secure the staff they need from their per diem pool, asking current staff, or from agency. If there are nurses who don't mind, let them volunteer. The difference is those nurses are choosing to, you are being required to without a choice. I never minded helping out my CNA's short staffed, or just needing a hand and I was the person closest to them. I loved my regular CNA's, and we worked well as a team. I did mind getting pulled for a CNA assignment (usually for another floor), esp when I'd come in on my day off with the understanding that I'm filling a nursing hole. This of course happened in LTC. I did it about 3x's and then put my foot down, prepared to resign if necessary, and it stopped with me, and went on to the next nurse who didn't mind or was afraid of negative retaliation.
  14. Icooka4u

    No NYS CRNA/Nurse Anesthetist info

    At nysed.gov Office of the Professions, I have been unable to find ANY info regarding CRNA/Nurse Anesthetists. Under Nursing” they only have info on LPN/LVN, RN, NP, & CNS. I want to know the scope of practice of CRNAs in NYS.
  15. Icooka4u

    Training to work with medically fragile children

    OP: Did you ever become a Private Duty Nurse - Medicaid Independent Provider/Contractor? Did you ever find a place to obtain the skills asked for on the Medically Fragile Peds form?
  16. Icooka4u

    Aesthetic Registered Nurse Salary

    What is a RNFA?