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Ive been running from my healthcare calling since 1998. Im pleased to stay Ive stopped running. I will begin my RN program at Watts School of Nursing on January 2018. God give me the strength, Sallie Mae give me the funds.

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  1. lebelesprit_

    WATTS School of Nursing & Pre-reqs at UMO

    I hope I have that problem. lol. Ive taken all but 2 pre reqs but Im still gonna have to take 18 hours. I hope its stuff I can pass easily.
  2. lebelesprit_

    Watts School of Nursing June

    Did anyone do prereqs at Mt Olive for Watts? Id like to get a look at your A&P and math books if you still have them.
  3. Thank you so much. That was vert helpful!
  4. lebelesprit_

    Should I study anatomy and physiology before the semester begins?

    I think its a great idea to start studying beforehand. I don't start my pre reqs until January but I plan to go over math and a&p now so that I will at least have heard the material. I found a GREAT YouTube account for Mandi Parker. Shes got some wonderful A&P I and II videos up that are very easy to understand and very well organized. (Ive found that some kinda ramble and are all over the place). What I did was keep Googling to find a syllabus for the classes and when I couldn't, I emailed the teachers and just explained what I was doing and they each gave me a copy of an older syllabus. I've even gone so far as to connect with a bunch of ppl on YouTube and Instagram that didn't mind sharing info with me. While familiarizing yourself with the material now is a great idea, just make sure youre going over the right material. Good luck hun.
  5. lebelesprit_

    Nursing students who want to be NP's

    Well im coming to find you! lol. In my experience, maybe it was because I was just family of a patient but the younger nurses, Id say 30 and under from just their looks, were super helpful. As a matter of fact, my grandmas back int he hospital and I got ready to re position her in bed today and thought I had disarmed the bed alarm but didnt. When the nurse walked in. she said "oh, youre good. I know you know what youre doing" that made me feel so good! It renewed my passion.
  6. lebelesprit_

    How am I gonna pay for this???

    Oh I know no one was trying to be intentionally hurtful but I think I just took it way harder because nursing is my dream. But I could not agree with you more!!!I was prepared to take out 100k in loans and way it back $1 at the time if I had to because this is something Ive been running from from for almost 20 years. Everyone says do your prereqs at a cc but thats not an option for me. I (hopefully) accepted into my first choice school and even with prereqs, Id have to start over there because they only allow you to transfer in a certain amount of credits. I just know that Im willing to make an investment but at the same time I know there are no guarantees that my plan to pay it off will prevail....but at least I have one. Does that make sense?
  7. lebelesprit_

    How am I gonna pay for this???

    Thanks so much for reaching back out. I know what im going to do but at this point im not going to share it. Not pointing the finger at you or anyone else but i thoight i find support here as opposed to a bunch of "you need to"'s. For that reason im just gonna keep it to myself. Thanks for reaching out.
  8. lebelesprit_

    How am I gonna pay for this???

    Thanks hun. I appreciate it but i think i should have kept my question to myself. Lol. I had formulated a plan to grt my rn, enroll in an rn to msn program and at that point determine if i want to pursue a dnp. Im 36 and have done my research so i thought i was well prepared but it seems in asking opinions, i left myself open for discouragement. It hurt that no one, that i remember, asked me what my plan was to pay it off, what my career goals were or anything. I thought this site was going to be a huge sister/brotherhood and source of support but i think i was oo optimistic. I do still feel passionate about going to rn school but im going to keep my plan to myself. Thanks for reaching back out. Im feely a little more encouraged.
  9. lebelesprit_

    Nursing students who want to be NP's

    PREACH!!!! My dad and grandmother recently spent pretty lengthy stays in the hospital/rehab facility. Once some of the younger nurses found out I wanted to be a nurse, they were very open to teaching me, explaining to me what they were doing, even letting me help with some things. I repeat, those were the younger nurses. When I asked questions of the older school nurses or even brought up other points, I was greeted with a "its worked this long" or "my way or the highway" attitude. Ive also heard new grads/students talk about how they preceptors all but ignored them. I can totally see your point and I agree.
  10. lebelesprit_

    Nursing students who want to be NP's

    You made a reference to something I said so Ill further explain. For me, its not about not being "bothered" to care for patients, its more about how I can best care for a patient. I never said that I would not work in either of the roles I named, rather its not my passion. As a matter of fact, at the end of each CNA class at the school I attended, the CNAs and the instructor get together for superlatives and awards and I received most outstanding in leadership and skills competency; I also had very nice things said about me to the instructor from two of the actual residents as it related to bedside care. I know I made a great CNA and I enjoyed the residents, but its not for me. Think about a telephone triage nurse that works in a call center for an insurance company. He or she went through the rigors of school and the NCLEX just like any other nurse. Its not about an ego, its just where you feel most comfortable so that you can do the most good for the patients.
  11. lebelesprit_

    Failing a&p 1 I really need help. I need notes, online lectures

    I owe you my children for this website!!!
  12. lebelesprit_

    Lecture notes sharing?

    Im super late to the party but try straightanursingstudent.com and mednotes.nrt
  13. lebelesprit_

    Nursing students who want to be NP's

    Ok, so this applies to me. As part of my RN prereqs, I had to become a CNA. I caught so much heck because I didnt make it a secret that I didnt want to work as a CNA or in long term care or on a unit at a hospital. My passion has always been to impact lives by building relationships; I feel like I can best do that by working in a family practice clinic as an FNP so that I can be an ongoing provider. Additionally, while obtaining my social work degree, we learned that there are populations that you will find you just cant work with for whatever reason. I learned very early on in my CNA rotation that Im not good in LTC. I just dont think I should be made to feel bad about that.
  14. lebelesprit_

    Are doctor offices likely to hire new grad RNs?

    LTC is super hard on you. I did a CNA rotation there in school and I all but hated it. People told me that I wouldn't be successful as an RN but I didn't want to work in a LTC. Im sitting there thinking "how ignorant can you be?"
  15. lebelesprit_

    Wake Tech Fall 2017 start

    Congrats hunny!!!! How long did it take you?
  16. lebelesprit_

    I give up.. Failed Aanp three times

    Ok, can i get it too?. Lol mrssclinton@gmail

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