White nursing shoe recommendation?

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    Just wondering what comfortable white shoe you ladies would recommend? I don't want to spend a fortune, but want to be comfortable! Thanks!!

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    I have owned all kinds of nursing shoes, and some were very expensive. The best are my new champions that I got at payless. They were 39.99 and are a knock off of the scketcher shoe. After a 12 hour shift I can still smile because my feet feel good!
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    I like the nike walkers or new balance walkers. Very comfortable and reasonably priced.
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    New balance walking shoes are highly recommended for nurses and old people on their feet, haha. It is expensive though, $100, but worth it to me if you don't want back problems and feet pain. You can buy leather cleaners, to keep them looking decent and wear them for a long time.
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    I love my Danskos
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    I like the Skechers Shape Ups.
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    Love my Nurse Mates slip ons. They're very soft and comfortable all day long, easy to clean, and no shoelaces! I got them on sale for less than $60.00.
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    It's hard to find a cheap shoe that can withstand 12 hour shifts and not do some damage to your feet, knees and back. Expensive shoes also last a lot longer than the cheap versions.
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    I have went through nike, new balance and several nursing shoes. None of them worked for me. I did find clogs from anywears that were comfortable as well as my sketchers shape ups.. I wear them in rotation. It will come down to what works best for you and don't be surprised if you go through several to find the right ones.. If you are not use to being on your feet for 13 hours it will take time to adjust.
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    I tried Nurse mates and they hurt my feet, don't know why, but they did.

    Rebook, Nike, New Balance, Addidas are all good shoes. From my experience I have found that when you pay say $30, the shoes don't last long <3months, the shoes that I've paid 50+ for last appx 6months. Buy a couple different brands/styles if you can and alternate between them to choose whats right for you.

    Crocks are comfortable, but no support nor protection is there. They are cute, but in the long run, your knees and ankles will end up hurting. Plus they are not skid proof! Very slippery when wet. Unless it says "skid proof"

    Key Factors: Water proof, skid proof, comfort, breath-ability, protection, then I go for style.

    Hope this helps..Happy shoe shopping!

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