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  1. shanyone

    RN license in more than one state...

    You can definitely get both (I hold two). Have your school license you in FL and then apply to IL after you get your FL license. You can always do the opposite too. But you have to get your license in one state before you can get it in all the rest. Then you just have to jump through the hoops the individual state requires to gain their license :)
  2. shanyone

    White nursing shoe recommendation?

    Love my Skechers Shape Ups! No more foot pain :)
  3. shanyone

    Happier With Your Second Career?

    This is a question for all of you who have started nursing as a second career. 1. What was career #1? Administrative Assistant 2. Are you happier with nursing as a career than you were with career #1? Yes, generally I am much happier because I've wanted to be a nurse for a very long time. Some days I still walk away shell shocked and think "what have a done?", but those days don't overshadow the good things that nursing has brought to my life. I love people and I knew I wanted to work with them even if it can be trying at times. 3. Did you get into nursing because you had a dead end job? Because you were unhappy with career #1 (although you had a good job)? I had a really good job during nursing school and I was making only a little less than I'm making as a nurse with a LOT less responsibility and a LOT more flexibility of schedule on work days. I absolutely HATED sitting at a desk for 40-50 hours a week though and I didn't get nearly enough interaction with people as I'd like. I also love the medical field and I love to try to put the puzzle together and give great care in my new profession. 4. Was/Is nursing as good as, better than, or worse than you thought it would be? Nursing is about what I thought it would be. Thankfully I knew what I was getting into from reading here on the forum. I think I had rose tinted glasses before I found this forum during nursing school. But even with any downsides like bad nurse/patient ratios and the occasional rude doc or horrible family member/patient I'd rather be nursing. I love moving around all day and working with the public. I love to care for people and to be rewarded with thank yous from patients and family members who've been touched. 5. Have you ever thought that you should have stayed with your original career? Was the change in career worth it? Glad I made the move. I still do keep up with the old company and do a bit for them each month. It works for both of us. 6. Are you higher up the career ladder in nursing or were you higher with career #1? About the same, I guess. 7. I don't want to start a discussion on nursing pay again, but are you happier with your nursing paycheck or was it better before? Yes, it's a little better than the last one. 8. How has your benefits been affected by your change in career, better or worse? Or not much change? Benefits at this job are similar to the last job. I thought that hospital benefits would be a lot better than they are. But they are adequate and I am thankful for them all the same. 9. What did your family think about your career change? Family supported me and wants me to be happy.
  4. shanyone

    How do you manage to be healthy with 12 hr shifts?

    I usually only work out on my days off. I figure I'm walking an awful lot on my days at work. I lift weights pretty heavy and I do some type of cardio on most days off. This, combined with healthy eating, makes it easier to stay in shape. I find that the easiest meal to make is chicken in the crock pot with a little water, a chopped up onion, and some type of seasoning or half a bottle of marinade thrown in. I then slow cook it until it's tender and make either brown rice or quinoa to go with it. I usually add in a fruit, yogurt, diet soda (my vice), dessert and I'm good to go. This is such an easy meal to throw together and I'm not hungry for a long time due to the protein. I should eat more veggies but I'm not good at adding them in there. I try to make sure I get some veggies in throughout the rest of the week and I'll sometimes add frozen mixed veggies to the mix of chicken and rice/quinoa. Good luck to you :)
  5. shanyone

    Team Nursing

    Your last line "I can't imagine how I can continue providing the same level of care to my patients when I will be responsible for twice as many" is a legitimate concern. I work at a facility that practices team nursing. Every once in a while I get a primary and I love it. Both styles have their positives and negatives but you definitely don't spend as much time with your patients on a team as you would on a primary. Thankfully, your team members also spend time with them, so the patients usually feel that they received good care. Sometimes your team makes you and sometimes they break you, depending on who you're working with. I believe your concerns are justified, but it looks like you'll have to suck it up and make the best of it. I'm actually surprised that your facility is going to utilize this practice as I believe our facility plans to do away with it. They are pushing all LVNs to obtain their RN, etc. Teams really can be good and bad depending on who's on your team (both the employees and the patients). Thankfully I work with a bunch of great staff and it isn't often that my team is a problem. Good luck to you! Try hard to keep an open mind as you go through this. Just remember that life is all about change and try to roll with the punches.
  6. shanyone

    How did you, remain positive while job hunting?

    I was able to remain positive because I kept my old job throughout nursing school and until I found a nursing job that I wanted. I'm not sure how I would have remained positive otherwise, since bills would have been eating me alive. Maybe you can pick up a part or full time job outside of the field that would pay the bills in the interim? That might help you to maintain a positive attitude :) Good luck to you!
  7. Graduated May, 2009. I sent out so many resumes and applied for so many jobs (at least 75) before I got a great job in a great hospital in October, 2009. This is in Ohio. Just keep trying. Perserverance is the only thing that will get you where you want to go. Good luck to anyone trying to find a job now!
  8. shanyone

    No one told me....

    I swear by the Skechers Shape Ups. I can't say enough about them now that I've been wearing them for almost four months. I was a new nurse in October and within the first month of work my feet were hurting so bad that it was affecting me both at work and at home. I bought these for myself in December and I haven't had any foot pain since. My pain was in my arches. It has disappeared and I am grateful. I can run and walk again with my dogs outside of work and I don't even think about my feet at work anymore!
  9. shanyone

    Reality Shock...

  10. You're not alone. I am also a relatively new nurse (October, 2009). I have been lucky enough to have only one patient of mine who needed rapid response so far. No codes for my patients yet but last week I ran into a room of another nurse's patient when a family member was screaming for help and the pt. was pulseless and blue. I helped initiate the code call with the button on the wall and I grabbed the cart and suction, etc. but I wish I would have hopped right up there on the bed and started compressions (someone else did) but you can see how some folks are "good" at it and how I was a step behind. I figure we'll get better with time in regard to moving fast and doing what we need to do quickly. I think I'm already getting better at it just from experiencing the rapid response and this code. Don't beat yourself up, just continue learning! You are smart to ask about running drills. If it isn't a DNR pt. then you don't want to waste any time thinking about responding next time. I'm sure you did fine and it's totally normal to be a bit slower during your initial codes. It's a difficult thing to experience. I can still see the blue dude and think about the intubation, compressions, suction, vomit, etc.
  11. shanyone

    Do you wear your engagement rings at work?

    My husband was lovely enough to buy me a flat band with diamonds specifically for work. I have my regular engagement ring and band (attached after we were married) and this other ring that I love and wear to work. http://www.heartsonfire.com/#/us/en-us/diamond-collection/view-details.php?item_id=3292&item_name=Duets%20Two-Tone%20Milgrain%20Band%20Mens&style_name=MnChB&type_id=undefined&type_name=by%20jewelry%20type&subtype_id=6&subtype_name=Men's&type=1 I'm not sure where you are financially, but some day this might work. Until then you can always go bare handed if you find your larger engagement ring too cumbersome like I did. I got it stuck on gloves and I was afraid of getting it stuck on a patient's skin or losing the diamond, etc. This was an unexpected surprise and I am very happy having the beautiful band to wear. In hindsight I suppose I could have just left my wedding band separate from my engagement ring, but they really do wear better as one single unit. I wear each of my rings about 50% of my time. It all works out. No matter what ring (if any) you are wearing, congratulations! and be sure to treat each other well!! Shanyone
  12. shanyone

    PDA of some sort for nursing

    I bought an itouch when I landed a job and I love the Davis Drug guide. I have several other applications from Skyskape as well but this is the one I utilize the most. I also love to have my calendar handy no matter where I am. I bring my itouch with me to work in my pocket and I use it during med pass and to look up side effects and other drug information to answer pt. questions at the bedside if I don't know them. It's been a good tool for me and I do recommend it. I'd like to purchase another app that has diagnosis and disease information but I'm unsure which are good. Any recommendations from others would be helpful!
  13. shanyone

    Any ideas how to pass medsurg?

    I believe Casi is right. You'll want to be sure that you have access to NCLEX type questions for studying. Doing hundreds of questions prior to exams was how I learned to answer nursing school exam questions. The rationale is presented to you after you answer and this too helped me learn about the disease process, etc. I wish you well in class!
  14. shanyone

    Dealing With Difficult Family

    You are all so very right....thanks for helping me understand that I did what I could with what I had. Thank you even more for helping me to learn to think strategically if I run into this type of pathological individual or family in the future. I WILL set boundaries and not go in the room each time they tell one of the staff they want to talk to me. I will certainly take all that I've learned here and it will make me a better nurse (hopefully). I really appreciate all the advice and helpful hints! And homicidal/suicidal....lol, I got them mixed up. I totally talked about the family needing to be thrown out the window and teased that this would be therapeutic in nature! So I get the homicidal feelings.....then I go home and get on the elliptical or go for a run to get those homicidal feelings out of my head. I'll prevail and maybe some day I'll be more adept at dealing with these dysfunctional folks.
  15. shanyone

    Dealing With Difficult Family

    Thank you for your ideas. Number 6 and number 8 are especially helpful and I will implement them the next time I have a family like this! Clearly I need to learn to set limits with this type of family. I definitely maintain a professional relationship with ALL pts. and families. That is a must. I guess I'm too worried about a family like this and the Press Gainey type stuff that all the hospitals bow to. The two don't mix and I need to just accept that this family will not like the "care" they received. Because no amount of caring was going to make these folks happy, I don't believe. I didn't tell them that I had other pts., I was just thinking it :). I would never say to a family that I'm too busy to deal with them because I have nine other patients! lol. (even if it is true sometimes!) I really need to learn to be firmer with these types of people but my customer service skills are not up to this level yet, I guess. Not sure how/where to set those limits, but I really like the idea of telling them that I'll be back in xyz timeframe and I will answer their questions then. Thanks for your ideas! Never in a million years will I be homicidal. Nothing they could do would make me want to hurt me, but it does make me wonder what I was thinking with my career change....lol....but only for a second. Then I'm back to realizing that most folks aren't like these folks and I do love my job most days. Thanks again for your reply!
  16. shanyone

    Dealing With Difficult Family

    I am a first year nurse on a busy med/surg floor. I have had a few families and sometimes a patient or two who were overall just a bit difficult to deal with but up until this week I've never experienced something so entirely frustrating. Over the last week we've had a family that has been especially trying for me (and several other staff members) to deal with. I'm trying to determine the best way to deal with folks like this for the next time. I feel like I dealt with any and all concerns/complaints from this family in a very mature, helpful manner but they were never satisfied with the answers or teaching we gave them. The last day I cared for the patient was the worst of all. The family claimed that they were very upset because they believed the pt. was "sedated so that we didn't have to deal with him/her". These were their words. The pt. had a knee replaced three days prior to this day and that morning the pt. had received two percocets. Overnight the pt. had received an IM of morphine and phenergan. These were the only instances of medication administration that the family was upset about and they claimed that this was putting him/her to sleep all day long essentially so that we didn't have to deal with him/her. Both the LPN and I spent a lot of time talking to them but they failed to believe that we weren't trying to sedate the pt. so I had the charge nurse get involved and she called the house supervisor. The family still didn't believe that we hadn't "sedated" the pt. but they didn't bring it up too much more after that. There were two other things that this family was also upset about and in general they just sucked the life right out of me this week. I broke down in tears twice in the supply room this week (and I'm not a crier). I'm a pretty strong person with a great way of dealing with almost everyone, but this family was impossible for me. Each time you went in the room they were asking question after question and telling you that they wanted this information because two of the daughters were almost done with nursing school and they had all these questions, etc. Unfortunately, I have nine or ten other patients on our team to deal with and I can't be spending 10 minutes each and every time I come in the room. I'm always happy to answer questions and help with anything I can and I hear a lot from pts. and their families that I am very caring and take time to answer their question, but this one family took is far beyond normal questions. I was told that I need to just let it go but I find myself still thinking about how I could have dealt with it better. These folks sucked sooooo much time out of me this week and it's just frustrating to think that it could happen again. I fully expect this pt. to be gone when I return (thank goodness) but I want to know if anyone has any other alternatives or ideas for dealing with truly irrational people. I know I need to let it go, but I've been hashing it over in my mind and I'm just upset that they believed that we would sedate the pt. so as to not have to deal with them. That is an accusation that I don't ever want to have to hear again. I love caring for my patients and I take a lot of pride in it. Anyone have anything to share with me on how to let it go or how to deal with it better when I have a family or pt. like this in the future?