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  1. gtoko

    Need advice on how adjust a new RN attitude

    Bite your tongue til it bleeds. Pause before you speak, even if you are right. Maintain a quiet presence when you feel yourself wanting to reply with a smart reply.
  2. gtoko

    My Career as an RN - Its not over yet!!

    Sounds like an adventure. Congrats and good luck:)
  3. gtoko

    White nursing shoe recommendation?

    I love my Danskos
  4. Go for it. With a background in med/surg and pych., you probably could go just about anywhere.
  5. gtoko

    Need advice please

    I would say yes ,that you can request not to have your current employer contacted. During the interview, state that you are looking for different nursing opportunities and experiences to make you a more rounded individual. Good luck and post updates of how you are doing :)
  6. gtoko

    New Grad Interview!!!!!! Please Help!!

    Congrats and best of luck to you
  7. gtoko

    New Grad Interview!!!!!! Please Help!!

    Definitely a follow up email or letter. Congrats and good luck to you? What are your top 3 choices?
  8. gtoko

    Second nightshift completed

    :crying2:Another shift down, I made it through another night. I am soo tired and feel all out of sorts. I slept til 11am today and have been up since. I do not go back until Monday night, work three in a row. I just hope I can get used to doing this. I do not want to give up,but I feel like quitting. Its only been 2 shifts but I can feel my body and my family suffering. Is it to soon to talk to my nurse manager about switching shifts? Thanks to all and please pray for me
  9. gtoko

    First nightshift down

    Thanks to all, I am going back tonight. I already know some of my pts,so hopefully it will go a tad bit easier. I am sucking down the caffeine now. Wish me luck and I will update tomorrow.
  10. gtoko

    First nightshift down

    I did it. I survived my first nightshift. I drank 3 cups of coffee,stopped at 0300.I started to really feel tired at 0500,but I managed to stay awake. I got home about 0830 and slept until 1230, and then bam, I am awake. I have to go back tonight and I feel tired already. I missed not being able to get my little ones to bed and coming home to an empty house this morning was depressing. Hubs took kiddo to daycare. It was so depressing. I know it was only mt first night,but I am feeling so tired and discouraged already. The staff was not helpful and I can tell I am going to get the most awful schedule. Please tell me it will get better. Thanks for letting me rant.
  11. gtoko

    First shift on night

    Well here I go, about to do my first shift of nights. Please think good thoughts and prayers this way. I will post my progress. Thanks to all for your kind words and support. I am going in:).
  12. gtoko


    Thanks everyone, that is why I love this site. Real advice from nurses that have been there. I will keep posting updates.
  13. gtoko

    New Nurse & New to Night Shift. Need Advice!

    Any updates ? I would love to hear how the nightshift is going, I need some words of encouragement. I start 7p-7a next week. THANKS!!
  14. gtoko


    Thank you for your advice. I am trying to get in the mindset that I can do this. I have to do it. Please say a prayer for me and again, thank you:redbeathe
  15. gtoko


    Waterlily, I will keep you posted. Feel free to pm me. Thanks for your reply:)