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My school offers a stethoscope at orientation for $15. Call me crazy, but is a $15 stethoscope really going to perform? I've heard that breath sounds are hard to detect for a beginner. Someone... Read More

  1. by   ixchel
    I used the classic II SE for school. Honestly, it's a great starter stethoscope, and if you aren't on a cardiac floor after you graduate, you might never need anything else again.

    I upgraded to the master cardiology after graduation because it was a gift, and because I am on a cardiac floor (well, a stepdown unit). I do notice a difference between them, but I still don't regret my choice to get the II SE for school.
  2. by   who8mycookie
    I got a Littmann Cardiology III when I first began nursing school. I chose it because it was a lifelong career tool for which I did not want to skim on quality. PLUS, I knew I would eventually be an ER nurse, seeing clients of all ages, so the fact that it has an adult AND a pediatric side was essential to me. Look into it. Read reviews. Littmann brand is DEFINITELY the way to go. They have a lot to offer, no matter the model.

    --who8mycookie, RN, BSN
  3. by   PghRN15
    I am not a fan of the double tubing. I like the Littman.
  4. by   htown
    Quote from Boyd RN
    A co worker of mine just brought to work the most amazing stethoscope! It's a Lola stethoscope. This stethoscope is a must have. It comes with a penlight built right into the chest piece And it has a pupil gauge and ruler printed right on the tubing. AMazing! i cannot wait to get mine.
    I like the lola but I wish it was double sided
  5. by   MNnurse17
    For the first two years of nursing school, (I attended a four-year program), I used the school stethoscope which cost ten to fifteen dollars, similar to your school. The stethoscope worked alright, but I sometimes had trouble hearing lung sounds unless there was absolute silence in the room (which isn't always possible). In my final year of school, I requested a "professional" stethoscope for Christmas and received the Littman Cardio III stethoscope. I love this one because it picks up every sound loud and clear. I am now planning on using it in my first RN position in pediatrics. The nice thing about this stethoscope is that it can be used on both adult and pediatric patients. It comes with a metal plate which you can get engraved with your name so you don't lose it. Personally, I keep mine on at all times because I don't want it to get taken. Good luck in school!
  6. by   NeoNurse2Be
    I have the Littmann Classic III...sooooo worth it!