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  1. Khaan

    What to study before anesthesia school?

    I'd love a copy of the USUHS pharm handbook as well if you're still around. Please, thank you, you're wonderful! landonholt@rocketmail.com
  2. Khaan

    Are you about to graduate?

    I don't understand how you feel. I'm eager to be working as an RN, but I'm working 24 hours per week in a CCU doing the same thing, just not making money. I'm happy and not anxious at all. Maybe take a breath and relax. Enjoy what you're doing now.
  3. I know what you're talking about. Kaplan will ask you about neutrophils in absolute (though they're guide doesn't give you that number). To calculate the range, think of Neutrophil percentage and absolute WBC range. Multiply neutrophil's lowest normal percentage by WBC lowest normal percentage and you'll have the Neutrophil lower limit (0.55*4,600), and again for the upper limit (0.75*11,000). There you go.
  4. Wow, this makes me sad. I have trouble relating to other guys well, yet everyone else does
  5. Khaan

    What are you bringing to work?

    Forgot to mention peppermint oil to put under my nose / dab on mask for smells.
  6. Khaan

    Dressy, Comfortable Work Shoes

    ECCO Loafers in black. Feel like slippers. Look like business casual.
  7. Khaan

    What are you bringing to work?

    Figs Scrubs (not the cargo pants. I hate cargo pants cause the stuff in the pockets swings around). ECCO Loafers (think wearing pajamas to work is fun? Try wearing shoes that feel like slippers and look professional at the same time) Glasses Backup Scrubs Welch Allyn Penlight Notepad Red pen Blue Pen Littman Cardio III Bandage Scissors (stainless steel for easy cleaning) Hemostats The ICU Book iPhone Victorinox Maverick Diver's Watch Chapstick (only in the Winter) ACLS / NRP Algorithm pocket card (depending on where I'm at) Dude Wipes (cause I want my butt clean if I poop at work; and they're flushable)
  8. Khaan

    Why the double standard.

    This. I like doing all my own procedures, regardless if male or female. I'd ask a female RN or CNA to observe, and perhaps assist, in a procedure, as long as the patient is comfortable with it. What I'm not okay with is someone assuming I shouldn't even handle that patient cause they're the opposite sex.
  9. Khaan

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    You're right. I hope that's not the reason. There's a lot of fantastic nurses in my unit that are overweight. I hate seeing the struggle they have to practice.
  10. Khaan

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    I can understand not wanting to hire overweight nurses. Your body burns out fast if you're fat, and nursing is a very physically demanding job. I see so many fat nurses who suffer on the job, and then have issues even coming in.
  11. Khaan

    Disturbing Conversation on Overweight Healthcare Workers

    Whether it should or not is one thing. The reality is, I believe many people will take other healthcare workers less seriously. I don't believe obesity correlates with poor clinician skills, but you see the point. We should do a research study to see if this is overall peoples' perception.
  12. Khaan

    How do CRNAs get treated by MDAs ?

    A summary of the first part of Watchful Care. It really is science and art. It takes finesse. This was moreso true when all they had was ether and precordial auscultation to titrate their anesthetic. There was this complicated issue through the early 1900s with nurses, female physicians, and male physicians vying for the profession. It used to be rejected by male physicians early on.
  13. Khaan

    Would you report this error?

    Yes, especially because it involves narcotics. It needs to be solved.
  14. Khaan

    Avoiding versed?

    Versed just sucks for older individuals period. If they aren't anxious after a good bedside talk, why not?
  15. Khaan

    How do CRNAs get treated by MDAs ?

    I agree. I've shadowed some CRNAs and MDAs and they just shrug at the notion of "turf." Who cares. As long as everyone gets respect & paid and the patient has better care.
  16. I'm only in my senior year toward my BSN, but there are potentially some pathologies that can be picked up on better by physicians other than nurse practitioners. I could be wrong. Perhaps a PCP as the head of a clinic who is easily reached for consultation? But I do foresee FNPs being the new norm for primary care.