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Do all the RNS in your hospital wear the same color? Which color? Is it by role, or unit? (like all RNS wear navy, techs wear ciel)... Read More

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    Quote from Meriwhen
    Awesome pics

    I have always wanted a cloak.
    I want a cloak too. I always want to dress up as a vampire (the cloak not the fangs) to come into a patient room (give them second thoughts on hitting that call light one too many times) and leave with a quick dramatic turn.
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    A fun part about my job is that we can wear any color/print. I prefer darker shades because they tend to hide more (stains from the shift, etc.) and I don't have to worry about anything being see through. I am especially glad that we aren't required to wear white scrubs...my mom had whites for nursing school and they were always dirty!
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    I work in an outpatient clinic staffed with RNs. The only dress code we have is that we wear solid colors M-Th. On Fridays we can wear prints or tee shirts. It was an old unofficial policy of our former director. It just kind of stuck after she resigned.
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    Well my Clinical class has 2 different colors! I have 2 Navy pairs and 1 purple!
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    My last travel assignment was strictly navy for nurses. Boring! All my others have been color of choice. I personally wear the same colors ... top and bottom and dress it up with a print jacket. Funny how some relate white to nurses. When I worked at the state mental hospital we wore street clothes because studies showed patients felt people in white were unapproachable. I have scrubs of basically every color and many interchangeable jackets.
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    I'm a CNA and at my facility, we have to wear beige scrubs with our company name monogrammed on them.
    I really do not understand why they make us wear such a light color that dirties so easily; as CNA we are exposed to blood, poop, food, and other things that could easily stain.
    It's not aesthetically appealing, either.
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    My assisted living facility requires solid black.
    I wish they would change this because my little Alzheimer's residents always ask why I wear such a dark, depressing color.
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    At the Nursing home I work at Its RNs white, they are the only ones who can wear that color no exceptions, (even on free color Fridays) LPN/floor nurses Royal Blue CNAs Navy Blue, Housekeeping Pink, Sunshine Workers Yellow, Activity Director and Asst. Activity Director Purple, Social hot pink, dietary teal.
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    Quote from Julie19
    My assisted living facility requires solid black.
    I wish they would change this because my little Alzheimer's residents always ask why I wear such a dark, depressing color.
    Aww, that's so sad.

    When I was civilian I bought pretty, bright scrub tops. Some of them were cutesy (Kermit the Frog, classic Pooh) but all of them were starched and crisp. I miss that sometimes. We now wear surgical green with the facility and "property US Government" tattooed all over them. Talk about depressing....at least I'm saving money because those scrub tops are terribly addictive.

    Hopefully I'll get into the NICU program; L&D and NICU wear a pretty shade of burgundy.
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    We wear burgundy/wine colored scrubs supplied my the surgery center I work for.

    When I worked at the hospital I wore solid pants:usually black, navy or royal blue, or wine. Scrub tops were solid to match bottoms or Disney tops. I liked wearing my Mickey and Minnie tops.

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