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downsouthlaff has 9 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Nursing Home.

Licensed Practical Nurse. Male Nurse. Currently work in the Nursing Home/Long Term care enviroment as a day shift charge nurse

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  1. Nurses notes on lab results ?

    I am an LTC nurse. I’ve practiced as an LPN in LTC my whole 8 year career as a licensed nurse. I recently started at another facility with young floor nurses, a young ADON, and we share a different opinion on documenting results of labs. Most of the ...
  2. Nursing Home NA nightmare

    Sorry your going through it. Sad reality is that short staffing in healthcare has caused many employers to trend toward a much more lenient approach. These are not guranteed methods but I’ll give you a few approaches. Be open minded. Be polite t...
  3. Do a career search on the internet regarding what a Licensed Practical Nurse does. You’ll find something along the lines of Then on the flip side pull information from any NCLEX RN review material it will say that that the LPN can't teach, as...
  4. You once considered a career a nursing. You browsed the web, looking for different types of nursing education. And then comes the big question, what is the difference between an RN and LPN. On some job information website you Probly come across a job...
  5. New DON

    Hi, let me just start off by saying welcome to LTC. Although I am an LPN and have never been a DON, I have been working in LTC for 11 years. I’ve been an Asst. in the Activity Department, a CNA, then a floor nurse (LPN), an MDS coordinator, and a Ass...
  6. How to deal with workplace Drama/Gossip?

    I’m a Work in an LTC facility and you don’t imagine the drama between staff members even in this kind of setting. People are just so entertained by other people’s lives and nothing is gonna change that. When I was a newbie fresh out of LPN school I t...
  7. New grad, 52 residents, anxiety through the roof

    OK first breathe ! This is what you need to do and what helped me tremendously as a new nurse in LTC. One, realize that LTC is very hard. Until you have the advantage of knowing the routine to a T. And it’s still challenging. Next make a check list o...

    Congratulations and welcome to nursing. NCLEX PN is a nerve wracking test. It really makes you put your critical thinking cap on. The PVT used to be spot on, now we know it’s lost some credibility
  9. Active RN license working as an LPN

    You’ve have my complete aggreance! LPN and RN practice isn’t the same. I agree that we had beat this one to death but I want you to know that completely agree with you on that. Law is law Even if facilities hire them for staff nurse positions interch...
  10. Weekend Staffing

    The best for our facility when we had this problem was 12 hour rotations. It worked well for our nursing home. 6a-6p and 6p-6a nurses rotate between working a M,T,F,S,Sone week and then only working Weds, thurs the next giving them every other Fri sa...
  11. Do Dept head meetings violate patient privacy ?

    I agree entirely. One of my pet peeves as a CNA for a couple years also. We were told that they can only know the type of precautions pertinent to the disease, but not the disease itself. I also think they should have a right to know, especially befo...
  12. Active RN license working as an LPN

  13. Active RN license working as an LPN

    I think that you have completely lost me here and do not understand what point I am trying to make here. Yes the RN maintains responsibility for the nursing process. I understand that and I’m not arguing that point with you. But do you know how LTC f...
  14. LPN to social worker?

    This is not uncommon, despite what other posters have said here you are more than qualified. Surprisingly, state regs for nursing home (Social Service Directors) are very loose. Especially if the facility is under 100 beds. Lay people or CNAs can be ...
  15. LPN role on a medical surgical unit?

    It entirely depends on the hospital. I’ve seen small med surg hospitals use LPNs as primary nurses for about 6 or 7 stable patients who the only time the Charge RN was called was when a push was needed. The lpn assessed, rounded with the doctor, supe...