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I'm a new grad. Most of my previous positions required me to stand for long periods of time and I never really found the shoe that worked for me. The best I found were Crocs, but I'm not a fan of how they look. I'm very... Read More

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    Like most have posted..you just need to find what works for you. Myself, I have flat feet and most new balance shoes have arch supports, so I wear those and I also use the dr. scholls inserts, the "foot mapping" technology ones. My feet and knees have been abused from 10 years of military service and 2 years of combat and those insoles have worked wonders for me!

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    Check out New Balance. A very sage piece of advice I got when I was hunting for my first pair of shoes: "Don't skimp on your shoes". Price is almost no object here. Obviously everyone is different, but I love my all leather New Balance shoes.
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    Also just something to note, I had worked as a CNA before but when I graduated ans first started working as an RN that was the worst foot pain I had ever had (nursing home nursing.) Anyway after that my feet would hurt sometimes after work my feet would hurt and still do sometimes a little after a long shift (hospital nursing now). But its not too bad. I have a pair of Danskos and also a pair of Timberland clogs. Both very comfortable although it may be important to note like previous comment said price cannot be an option. These are your feet and your legs and back You only get one set of legs one back!! Also the Dansko shoes do have like a'break in' period where they get formed to your feet as you wear them. Until they are broken in they aren't as great. They also run small. You dont want them tight! Sanitas may be the same way im not sure! Anyway... good luck happy shoe hunting!!
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    Too bad only comes in medium width...no wides.

    Quote from CrazierThanYou
    Everyone's feet are different so it is probably going to be best to try on a lot of different shoes to see how comfy they are. My feet are VERY picky and I can only wear certain shoes and since I have plantar fasciitis in one of my feet, they must have good cushioning.

    A lot of people recommend Danskos but I hate them. I tried on a pair and literally had it on for less than 2 minutes and my PF started acting up. They are extremely hard, like standing on concrete for me but lots of other people's feet like that.

    I like Alegrias a lot and I just recently bought a pair of Crocs Mercy. I wore them to work this week and they are really good. http://www.zappos.com/crocs-mercy-work-black-silver

    also have a pair of Crocs Neria ordered but I haven't gotten them yet. I've heard good things, though. http://www.zappos.com/crocs-neria-work-black

    ou said you liked Crocs but not the look. These days, Crocs come in a wide variety of styles so maybe you can find one you like!
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    I've had back issues since a car accident a few years ago. I wear Asics to work and absolutely love them. The most comfortable shoes, no back pain, I wear them w/ knee high compression socks and have no leg pain, either.
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    Alegria! It's all I wear - every day!
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    I'm a runner and wear Asics for that- but Danskos in clinicals. I hated them at first as they broke in, but I was patient
    after a few weeks and now love them. I have low arches and find the arch support helpful, but not interfering or rubbing.

    The other thing I can totally recommend is getting medical-grade compression socks from a medical supply store. Expensive (>$50)
    but I can be on the floor all day, and take those and my shoes off and still have legs fresh enough to go running in the evening.
    You can also find athletic grade ones for $20-30 at running stores. Very wise words from my first clinical instructor.

    Love love love.
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    I'm an Asics fan. Once I bought my first pair, it was hard to select anything different. They've got a lot of cushion and you feel like you're bouncing as you walk. They're very supportive as well. I also find the more expensive ones can last around twice as long as some other brands. My last pair made it over a year before I finally had to replace them.
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    I have danskos but dont like them as much. Its easy to roll your ankle in them. It was for me anyway. I bought the sketchers walk fits and oh my gosh, no pain what so ever. 12hr shifts are a breeze with these. I am one that likes the soft comfy feel over the hard wood. Oh and I tried those new asics with the gel insoles and they felt great as well. thinking of getting them too.
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    I've had good luck with Nike Reax running shoes over the past couple of years - I own three pairs. I also like New Balance althletic shoes.

    SAS casual shoes have also worked well for me in the past, although they are very expensive due to being handmade.

    Many people with sore feet find that Z-Coil shoes work well. They are ugly and expensive, but have changed peoples' lives: www.zcoil.com

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