Want to make my own scrubs...

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    I really want some "cool" scrubs that don't consist of flowers and cartoons...I was hoping to find a pattern so that I can pick out some material that more closely reflects my personality but I cannot find a pattern to make scrubs anywhere...can anyone help???

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    i dont know what kind of fabric stores are near you but they generally have tons of books that have pattern ideas and then you go find the pattern you want out of a big file cabinet-type thing.
    i live in southern california and we have a lot of joann's fabrics and that is usually where i go.
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    just realized this is uk, but you should be able to find on line and order good luck.....just remember patterns run much closer to the mearsurements given, no ego stroking small sizing, lol
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    I found some patterns for scrubs in my local walmart
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    If you look on ebay and type in "scrub pattern" you will get lots of different styles of scrub patterns, also Walmart has scrub patterns in the sewing section, as well as jo ann fabrics. I am looking into making some of my own.
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    Walmart has patterns. I work with a woman who has her mother make scrubs for her and they are cute.
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    I hate how box like regular scrubs are. I want some that make me have a waist. lol
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    Joann fabric has them . I believe they are onsale for 1 dollar each right now. To make the scru top with a waist. go with the mock wrap one.
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    I was thinking of doing the same thing ... are there any rules or regulations as to what type of fabrics or anything else that I should know before I make my own??
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    I have seen the scrub pattern at Walmart in the crafts section before.

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