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Ok, I do NOT want to sound like an old lady.... but I am just about willing to do anything I can to get some support and relief. I want to know yall's opinion on some great support hose/socks/whatever. THANKS!:wavey:... Read More

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    I've been wearing support stockings forever... You should use them...we're on our feet for 12 hours straight and it's horrible for our legs!!
    I have mediven and Juzo. I like the Juzo better, they're softer. I wear 30/40 mm Hg compression thigh highs. I have the knee highs, too. The thigh highs give much more support. I have some spider veins so that's why I use that compression.

    My advice is to start with at least 15 mmHg...less that that really won't offer you much support or relief. If you turn the stockings inside out and just fold in up to the heel, put them on your foot and kind of "fold" the stockings on (be careful w/the silicone strap...don't touch it with your fingers too often because they lose their grip) it's much easier than putting them on as you would normally put on socks

    Good luck!!!

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