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I am really on a hunt for GOOD, COMFORTABLE nursing shoes. Any suggestions? Nothing TOO expensive, after all... we are poor students ;)... Read More

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    Anti-gravity by Easy Spirit. Not toners, although they look like them. They have gel balls in the sole so you are cushioned. I get mine online
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    Quote from Stephalump

    I don't know...I don't think I care that I won't wear my white nursing shoes after nursing school. After two years of use, I don't think I'd be crying over having to go buy new, more fashionable shoes.
    I spent $80 on white Nikes and they work well for me. No complaints. I never wear them anywhere else and I'll never wear them again after nursing school but they serve my purpose right now!
    I hate white shoes in general....when they get dirty I think it changes your appearance. My opinion.... So I'd be getting new shoes after school.
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    i went with the nursemates but by the end of a semester of 12 hour clinicals they started to break down and my feet were killing me - which ones did you find to last?
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    after a horrible experience with Nurse Mates - they did not last a semester of 12 hour clinicals - i got my white danskos and have never looked back. i like the white (required by school) and as many RNs have told me nurses will always be allowed to wear white shoes. Yes, i wipe them down after shift and they have had a new encounters with shoe polish after some explosive events on floor - but whatever. I love my danskos!
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    I bought a pair of white Sketchers Sport 3 yrs ago & still wear them. They are just now starting to feel like they are wearing down, so I put in a new pair of gel insoles every few months. Bought a 2nd pair recently in beige. I tried wearing my Nike's once & my feet hurt so bad by the end of the 8 hr shift, I've never worn them again other than a quick trip to the store. I like the Sketcher's so well, I don't think I'll bother trying any expensive pair of nursing shoes.
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    People hate the Danskos, but whatever. I've had them for a year and a half and the more I wear them, the more I love them.
    I credit them for helping me avoid knee and foot injuries when running, because they promote proper
    alignment. I feel like my arches have also gotten stronger.

    When I graduate and get my first job, I'll be buying another pair in whatever color I can buy- maybe those sparkly rainbow ones
    you see the nurses on the floors wear.
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    Moved to Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear for more discussion.

    You might want to read through some of the other Shoe threads in this forum for more input.
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    Sanita sale on today I think! I love them and have been wearing them for years as a RN!
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    Buyer beware on the Danskos. I wore them for 3 years without a complaint...then the pain started. There's a reason why podiatrists hate those shoes. I loved them because I have flat feet and they gave me awesome arch support. Depending on your foot, the hard sole (and they are SUPER hard) can damage your foot. When I got home from a brutal 3 night stretch and the ball of my foot and toes were numb, I admitted defeat. 7 months later I still have some nerve damage, although it is slowly healing. My knee problems are suddenly much better too.

    New Balance and compression socks. Podiatrist recommended and Shannon approved! Sometimes the solution isn't that expensive =)
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    I have Danskos and like them but my one ankle suddenly doesn't so I bought a pair of Alegria's - LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! always has last years styles on sale, so you can get them at a decent price.

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