Plus Size Scrubs?

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    What is your favorite? I am 5'4" and in street clothes a 16 or 18. I am having an awful time finding scrubs. Any recommendations?

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    we had to order our scrubs from the Dove apparel folks. They had sizes up to 4x and you could custom order sizes too.

    I'm 5'6 and wearing a size 20/22, but in the scrubs a 3x... They're a little big but the 2x just wasn't cutting it.
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    Try these folks:

    The have many of the major brands at reasonable prices. I've bought most of my scrubs from them over the years and have been very pleased.

    Depending on the brand, some scrubs go up to 4 or 5X.

    Good luck!
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    I understand how hard it can be to get what you want in a plus size....

    I wear a 24 top and 26 bottom and just ordered a TON of scrubs from! I wear a 2x top and 3x bottom. They carry up to 5x or 6x.

    They have amazing sales ALL the time. Sign up for the email first and they will send a coupon almost immediatly.

    I didn't pay more than $12 for a top (check the clearance section) and I love the essentials elastic flair leg scrubs. The quality is great!
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    To females that have curves and want a really nice, neat looking scrubs. Myself I'm not a nurse that likes prints unless its a simple logo on a cuff or something. Med couture has really nice scrubs....I just brought two sets they are made by peaches uniforms...they move with you...they have some spandex. I like cherokee too. So far the only brands I wear, I've worn cherokee for over 10 yrs. I like uniforms to last...since I only buy 3-4 new sets a year. Also for shoes try USA KLOGS...they have both the heel in and out...and are really really comfortable on your feet.They look and feel just as good as other brand...for less(90.00).
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    I got some Dickies scrubs and they are really comfortable. I wear a 2X and thought I would look really bad in scrubs, but these are cut nice for a full figured woman.
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    I generally wear an xl or 2x, and I get most of my scrubs from Tafford and Uniform Advantage. Tafford is great for cheap tops, and the Uniform Advantage butter soft pants are my favorite.
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    My favorites are Cherokee, but I'm also fond of Tafford.
    (I'm a 3x top and bottom, mostly thanks to boobs and hips!)
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    I am a tafford girl all the way!!!
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    I have a rather large derriere and hips, but a relatively small waist. Because of that fact, it's a lot better for me to have pants with a bit of stretch. Do you all know where I can find some plus sized pants with stretch?

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