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What is your favorite? I am 5'4" and in street clothes a 16 or 18. I am having an awful time finding scrubs. Any recommendations?... Read More

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    I was searching for 2x scrub pants online and found most online scrub places sell them. You can also find them on amazon. But I checked out the local ScrubPro and they had a bunch in stock there so I got to try them on. I'm 5'4 too and I had to hem a couple of inches off the pants.

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    Also having trouble finding scrubs that fit me well and are comfortable. I'm a new nurse and havent bought scrubs since clinicals last year and unfornately they dont fit well anymore. I'm 5'10" , 3x on top, 2x on bottom.. pants arent the issue but would like to hear what you all think are comfortable bottoms and stretch. the tops are the problem.. since im taller, i would like longer tops. everything seems to be so short. and the arms tend to be tight along with the shoulders. And i tried on a top that had no shape yesterday at a store and wow! not flattering lol. so I have seen stretchy tops and of course i dont know the brand other than cherokee flexibles. What do ya all like ??? and whats comfortable?? I wont work well if I am not comfortable!

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