please help...i need comfortable clogs for flat feet

  1. hi...i am starting my first job as a new grad in two weeks at the age of 49....i have flat feet and am really worried about being able to work 12 hours shifts...does anybody have any advice for a good pair of clogs...i hear so much about danskos but i am a little hesitant to buy a pair because a few years ago i did and didn't break them in...i was on my feet for 18 hours a day volunteering for the redcross for the hurricane katrina relief and ended up with a bunion (ouch!)...they were not the professional clogs...are they different? what about quarks? please help me find a comfortable pair of clogs that won't hurt my back after being on my feet all day
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm a Crocs devotee, mainly because a) they're cheap, and b) they're light. Most "nursing" clogs are heavy, which is the last thing I need given the already considerable burden on my feet from carrying around too many pounds and being older. Professional clogs are also very expensive, so if you buy a pair and they turn out to cause problems, you've thrown away a pile of hard-earned dough.

    Crocs, on the other hand (or foot, as it were) cost about $30 and will last a good six months if you are not overweight. They are VERY comfortable and you can just hose 'em down after your shift. For some people, they don't offer adequate support, but they are what got me through my last year of hospital any rate, if you buy a pair and they don't do the trick for you, you've only spent thirty bucks (and you can wear them to work in the garden instead).
  4. by   mad071
    Crocks are the best!! Especially when they are great big. They are cheap, colorful, and don,t slip. Get expensive socks that wick moisture away from your feet. Keep a second set of shoes in your locker if your feet start to hurt.

    I have been doing this job for nearly 14 years. I started out with a 8narrow and now I wear 9 1/2 extra wide.

    Also my favorite doctor is DrScholl. He will be yours too.
  5. by   quinnie50
    thanx for the input...we aren't allowed to wear crocs because of the holes on top...does anybody wear Klogs? what do you think of them? does it matter what style that you get for comfort?
  6. by   rn/writer
    Crocs have professional models with no holes. Payless also had some in the past that did not have holes.

    I absolutely love my clogs. Used to come home with throbbing feet. Occasionally, my feet hurt at the end of a shift, but nothing like they used to. And I wear both Crocs and the cheapie versions. Love the colors and the easy cleaning.

    Like Marla said, if they don't work, you're not out that much money, and you can wear them around the house or at the beach.

    Good luck!
  7. by   ghillbert
    And wash them in the dishwasher!
  8. by   hotmama2be
    I love my clogs italian style cheapie ones they are light and easy on my knees. I wear compression stockings knee high , very comfy I feel refreshed at the end of a shift.
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    Birkenstocks, Birkenstocks, Birkenstocks.

    Oh, and in case I didn't mention them, Birkenstocks.
  10. by   quinnie50
    suesquatch....what model of birkenstocks do you have? thanx so much....i am so nervous about working these long shifts and being in pain
  11. by   TERESAKIM77
    I absolutely agree with VivaLasVieja's comment on crocs. They are comfortable and cheap. In addition to the crocs try compression stockings like hotmama2be.

    I am a religious devotee of compression stockings. They make my legs feel so much better after a long shift.

    I wear 20-30 mmHg knee-high and I love them.

    Hope this helps!!
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  12. by   superkyky
    I love my merrells... they are great for flat feet.
  13. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from quinnie50
    suesquatch....what model of birkenstocks do you have? thanx so much....i am so nervous about working these long shifts and being in pain
    I just saw this = sorry. Boston.
  14. by   poohrn33
    I totally understand your pain....literally. I am flat footed myself and have been all my life. My feet and back have always been an issue which is why I no longer do 12 hour shifts. Any way I 've visited a podiatrist who explained to me that I need constant arch support. He prescribed insoles.. the brand is called Powerstep Pinnacle. The key to this insole is that they dont bend like other insoles which is what we need. The podiatrist also recommended to wear sneakers not clogs. I found this out the hard way. The sneakers have to have the same characteristics as the insoles. The podiatrist told me to do a sneaker test....when shopping for sneakers....(1) Twist the sneaker. The harder it is to twist the better support. (2) Bend the sneaker. The harder it is to bend the sneaker the better. The best sneaker is the one you can hardly bend or twist. When you wear your sneakers tie your laces nice and snug. At work find any reason to sit when you can....making a phone call.... talking with a patient.... writing out an order (i know it's hard but trust me you need to save your feet) . And stay away from clogs of any kind and the one brand of sneakers I know that are bad for our feet ...Reebok walking sneakers . Not made for flat footed people. I wear Nikes, Air Force Ones and the insoles. I have felt a world of difference. I hope you find your solution fast because we are prone to stress fractures. And you dont want that ...I have been out of work a few times because of my foot problem but not since I listened to the podiatrist. Let me know how you make out.