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Alright nurses.... Which brands make the best/ideal scrubs?... Read More

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    Quote from lil pixi

    My concern about scrubs is, what do you do when extra small isn't small enough in some brands.
    Well, I think some of us would love for this to be the problem

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    Cherokee Workwear are great and you can't beat the price or colors!
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    Iguana Med and Koi are my favorites. I love the fit of the Iguana Med scrubs, love them. They are slimming and fit well, so I don't feel like I'm swimming in them. Never had a problem with wrinkles.

    Koi, pretty spendy but the pants are great and the tops are really cute and comfortable.

    I feel somewhat terrible spending so much money on my scrubs, considering I shop second hand almost exclusively for all my every day clothes!
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    Quote from kelsey.kristine
    I am seriously lusting after Grey's Anatomy scrubs. So sooooft! :redpinkhe
    love grey's anatomy too! pricey but totally worth it. It's very soft, simple, and perfect fit.
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    The best scrubs are:
    1. MOBB scrubs - affordable, good value, & stylish! great colors!
    2. Grey's Anatomy - if you want to spend a little more money, these are very soft and comfortable, but they are all solid colors and aren't as cool looking
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    I have noticed most scrubs run big. The extra smalls are way too big for me, I have to cinch them big-time in the waist. However, Grey's scrubs fit a little better than Urbane or Landau as far as being smaller and more fitted. Hope this helps!
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    I love Koi scrubs. The fabric is substantial but not constricting and they are so soft. In addition, the petite length is by far the closest I have found to being a true petite.

    For those of you who love Koi as much as I do, TheKoiWareHouse.com (cheaper shipping!) and http://www.Koihappiness.comare both having discount/closeout sales on some of last season's colors/styles. I've bought 8 pieces and spent a fraction of the cost compared to store price.
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    Quote from GiraffeRN
    TheKoiWareHouse.com (cheaper shipping!) and http://www.Koihappiness.com both having discount/closeout sales on some of last season's colors/styles.
    The link didn't work in the original post. I just fixed it within the quote so everyone else can find all the great stuff I was just looking at. I'm pretty excited about this site!
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    Great topic and I saw the names of a lot of scrubs I've worn in the past. I had been pretty committed to Koi until about a month ago when I found a brand that grabbed my business from here on out.

    A co-worker showed up wearing a really sharp set and she turned me on to the company. They're new, so I was a little nervous about doing business with them, but the entire process was perfect.

    So here you go...they're called Performance Scrubs. If you'd like to check them out here is the web address. Comfortable Scrubs from PerformanceScrubs.

    Take it for what it's worth but for me they're the best I've ever worn. SUPER soft and lightweight and they are antimicrobial too. My understanding is that they are extremely durable also and won't fade. They do come with three-quarter sleeve lengths and while that might not be right for everyone they are exactly what I like. You also won't see any wild prints with these. They all seem to come in solid colors with piping which, for me, works too. And to tell you the truth I've been getting a sense that I'm viewed a bit more as a 'professional' when I'm wearing these.

    So there you go. My tip for the day! Performance Scrubs!
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    landau. expensive, but well worth it!
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