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Hello everyone! I need some advice on nursing shoes for my clinicals! What is the most comfortable shoe you have found so far?... Read More

  1. by   LostButMakinGoodTime
    I've been wearing the same pair of brown Danskos for five years now. They are VERY comfortable for twelve hour shifts, and they last forever. Most of the staff on my unit wear them, and ALL of the surgeons wear them. The medical students are catching on .
  2. by   yousoldtheworld
    Quote from hay nars, rn
    i have quite a few pairs of shoes for work. some are all white - some aren't. i have two pairs of white crocs, one with holes and one without. i have a pair of birkenstocks boston clogs which are totally awesome if you want to shell out the $150. i also have two pairs of nikes. one is a white pair of shox (some grey trimming) and my newest pair of shoes are the nike flywire shoes which are grey and pink. i am thinking of trying a pair of dansko's.
    haha, i'm glad someone else has a collection of work shoes! they all tease me at work, because i keep all of mine in my locker. i have a pair of white and silver crocs mercy, a pair of white anywear zones, a pair of pink birkis dorians, and a pair of silver leopard print alegria feliz.

    then, at home, i have my "retired" work shoes, that i no longer wear to work often - a pair of pink, black, and white nike mids, a pair of magenta anywear ballet flats, a pair of white klogz, a pair of crocs mammoth (that i only use in winter), a pair of nursemates, and some purple danskos that are so cute but incredibly uncomfortable for me and i turned my ankle in .
  3. by   Kricket1017
    Quote from 2011NursingStudent
    Would you think those would work for a wide foot? If so, I might give those a whirl.
    Yes, I think they would work. Go to Dillards (I think) and try some on, that is what I did before I got them online.
  4. by   mnmcbm
    My favorite shoes are KLOGS brand. They are so comfy and they have clog style or non-clog style. But the main point for me is I have a bunion and they do not bother it at all. They are a little pricey but worth it. Your comfort is very important!
    Quote from LilTomatoRN
    I wore merrell shoes while I was a student. They were the most comfortable for me, and I went through many shoes until I found these.

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    Exactly, which model do you wear? I went to the website and there are several. I am on the heavy side and I also have wide feet. Just got my first pair of Alegrias, they fit fine, wore them the whole morning. They look huge as I am size 11, but the main thing for me is being able to put a 12 hour shift --- when I get a job LOL, so I do not really care how they look. Only thing is my sock slid underneath my foot, I am hoping that is was the type of sock (low sock, not even those covering the ankle) I was wearing, is like my heel was sliding up and down, other than that, I am fix to order another pair, but I want to see if there are other options first.

    PS...Ordered the Alegria Abbi.
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  6. by   MichelleRN34
    I wear Allergra shoes...Love then
  7. by   Reebles
    I also wear Alegria. I swear by them and have 7 pairs to prove my love.
  8. by   Mommarose03
    do the Alegria shoes run bigger or smaller?...I wear anywhere from a 8.5 to 9 US.
  9. by   4EurSole
    Rocky 4EurSole, a brand new collection of footwear developed specifically for women in healthcare will be available in May in fun colors and patterns and you get TWO interchangeable insoles with every purchase! Shoot me a message if you want to learn how to try them for free! :-)