Nurse fanny packs

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    Does anyone here wear some sort of pack around their waist to keep things organized?

    I was thinking about either ordering:



    Any experience with either of these packs? I would be purchasing off the internet sight unseen so I am a bit cautious.

    Or, tell me about the organizers you use.

    I am tired of stuffing my pockets and losing things left and right.


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    That denim looking one looks good. I would love to have something to carry stuff with. I don't ever have tape, scissors, or a penlight on me because I would lose it all if I brough it to work in just a pocket. I'm guy and think a fanny pack looks weird but am willing to wear one if it's cool lookin' like that one above.
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    The second one looks kind of big and possibly heavy. I think it would be uncomfortable to be wearing for a whole shift. The first one looks good though.
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    I used to use a fanny pack. It was almost impossible to find a white one to match my white uniforms. I like both of the packs that are shown, however, for me, I need zippered pockets. I would be too concerned with stuff sticking out, and falling out of the pack when I bend and twist. Zippered pockets make it easier to move around without worrying about losing my "treasures".
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    I do wear a fanny pack.I work on a large campus and everything is locked.I keep my keys ,penlights,pens,ect.Its just one of those regular fanny packs that you might wear on vacation.But it definetly serves my purpose.Ive been using them for years.And feel lost without it.
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    Never worn one and not about to start.
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    Sure glad I'm traveling lighter these days...
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    I've used one off and on and really love it. Looks like either one of the above would work good, but you won't really know what works best for you until you try a couple.
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    I have the first fanny pack you posted (the smaller one). I would not be without it. It allows me to carry everything I need and yet not be to bulk. I also have a bunch of smaller ones from They are called scrubpocs. They can work to, but if you tend to carry a lot of stuff... they can get full really quick.
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    maybe it's the name that turns some off...
    instead of calling it a fanny pack -let's call it a nurse's tool belt

    hey... it works for constuction workers -try calling their waist adornment a fanny pack and see the reaction you get...

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