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I'm a new RN and have been building up my scrub collection for work. I've been on the lookout for comfortable, well-fitting (not boxy!), and somewhat stylish scrubs. So far these are my faves: ... Read More

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    Smart Scrubs are the bomb! They even have 100% cotton that doesn't wilt, colorfast-even when bleached in the washing machine & soften even more every time you wash them. A little more expensive, but so worth it.
    Smart Scrubs | S.C.R.U.B.S. | Nursing Scrubs, Medical Uniforms
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    Cherokee Flexibles, Koi and Wink. The Wink scrubs feel really ROUGH compared to Cherokee and Koi, but they are actually VERY comfortable. My favorite thing about them are the pockets!!!
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    Uniform Advantage Buttersoft Scrubs-- the softest I've found and cheap!
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    Walmart. Kmart.
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    I second the Smart Scrubs. They wear like IRON (esp. the cargo pants). The colors stay bright - and all the scrubs I get compliments on - are from Smart Scrubs.
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    I like the tops from Tafford. Very unique and they run large, so I like being able to order a size smaller than I really wear, lol. The tops from Walmart are cute too, and they have alot of pediatric styles. I love Cherokee work wear pants because of the length and flared leg. They look and feel custom made for me.
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    Anyone has suggestions for someone with a more to love body?
    I do love pockets.
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    I have a "more to love" body too I like the Wink tops - they are feminine and curve in at the waist so they don't fit like a tent. I personally love unisex pants because I find the women's cut are always low-rise and don't have good coverage. I've tried both RxGear (from Work n Gear) and Cherokee with good results.
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    The ones my mom sewed for me.
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    I agree with dee78; I like the fit of Cherokee Workwear scrubs. I also like the way Grey's Anatomy scrubs fit. I'm petite, and it's hard to find scrubs I don't swim in.

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