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Name your favorite scrub top/pants! - page 2

I'm a new RN and have been building up my scrub collection for work. I've been on the lookout for comfortable, well-fitting (not boxy!), and somewhat stylish scrubs. So far these are my faves: ... Read More

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    Walmart. Kmart.
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    I second the Smart Scrubs. They wear like IRON (esp. the cargo pants). The colors stay bright - and all the scrubs I get compliments on - are from Smart Scrubs.
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    I like the tops from Tafford. Very unique and they run large, so I like being able to order a size smaller than I really wear, lol. The tops from Walmart are cute too, and they have alot of pediatric styles. I love Cherokee work wear pants because of the length and flared leg. They look and feel custom made for me.
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    Anyone has suggestions for someone with a more to love body?
    I do love pockets.
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    I have a "more to love" body too I like the Wink tops - they are feminine and curve in at the waist so they don't fit like a tent. I personally love unisex pants because I find the women's cut are always low-rise and don't have good coverage. I've tried both RxGear (from Work n Gear) and Cherokee with good results.
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    The ones my mom sewed for me.
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    I agree with dee78; I like the fit of Cherokee Workwear scrubs. I also like the way Grey's Anatomy scrubs fit. I'm petite, and it's hard to find scrubs I don't swim in.
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    My favorite set is by Katherine Heigl. People act like I'm all dressed up when I wear it.
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    Im plus sized, and I love the med couture ezflex. They are awesome and comfy. They have the top with the stretchy side panels and they are flattering until you end up stuffing the kangaroo pocket full of stuff. I think they are still my favorite though. Med couture is extremely popular at my hospital. I see a lot of koi and Grey's anatomy as well. Cherokee is nice looking but I have found the thigh area to wear quickly and become too thin.
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    I love Koi tops and bottoms
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    Time to go shopping again!
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    I love the Dansko scrubs. I am a 14 but petite (5') The petite pant fit without having to be hemmed and the top is a roomy fit without being boxy or too loose. I get hot a work and these are lightweight and move with you. Pants have two cargo pockets too!
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    Grey's Anatomy mock wrap or princess seam tops

    Grey's Anatomy junior fit cargo drawstring pants

    LOVED the Cherokee Touch drawstring pants, but sadly discontinued

    Now just wish GA had a wider color range!