Greys Anatomy Scrubs

  1. I am having trouble with the sizing chart. Anyone know if the "missy" (not juniors) ones run true to size? Where is the best place to buy them? My coworkers swears they are the best, but they are expensive so hoping to order a pair and see how it goes.
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  3. by   cbcle
    I'd say they run fairly true to size. I'm a 0-2 and I wear the XS. The pants are very stretchy. The tops have less give so you may have to go a size up depending on your bust size. I love the fabric. So soft and comfortable!
  4. by   umcRN
    love love love the greys anatomy scrubs! Didn't buy them for the longest time because they are expensive but now they're all I will wear. I wean the junior style though, I am an 8-12 pant size depending on the store but I wear a Medium tall pant, and a med shirt. The medium pants wouldn't cut it for me, i'm only 5'8 but the talls are so perfect!
  5. by   pink_shoes99
    I tried on a pair in my usual size and it was ridiculously small. However, I am a bigger girl and everything fits me funny. I was sad, they are nice and soft
  6. by   hiddencatRN
    I'd find some place to try them on. I tried them out and did not like the hang of the pants or top on me. They look so cute on my coworkers, but I was not impressed.
  7. by   MJB2010
    I am also plus size, so nervous about them not fitting. I measured according to the size chart, but those never work. Just returned some Cherokee pants that were way too big even though I measured and followed their chart.
  8. by   SuesquatchRN
    I use Cherokee Workwear as my standard, in which I am comfortably a large. I am a large in GA but barely. The shoulders are perfect, the hips a big snug. I have wiiiiide hips.
  9. by   Dazglue
    They fit so nicely. They don't shrink and the talls fit me perfectly. The only thing is if you're big in the bust area, then you may have to go up a size.