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    I am starting my clinical in Sept. and we are required to buy "white nursing shoes." Anyone know of any sites where I can find some good, cheap and maybe even halfway decent looking ones. Does anyone know if student nurses are allowed to wear white Croc-style shoes?


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    I would avoid cheap shoes....your feet will thank you.
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    You will have to look to your program to see if they allow croc-style shoes. My school does but some don't. Try looking on Amazon, sometimes they have good deals and use Amazon Prime for free shipping My friend got white croc-style shoes at Payless for under $20. You don't have to spend a lot on shoes. I bought a $20 pair that's gonna last me the whole program. Will probably get decent one's when I grad, but this pair is comfortable even after 12 hours on the floor.
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    I'm not sure about shoes, I'm still looking but I would double check with the croc shoes because we are unable to wear them for my Nursing School.
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    My school specified white leather, non-clog type shoes. Your school may be different, so check your dress code. I used for buying shoes, they have a huge selection, cheap next day shipping, and their customer service is unmatched.
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    Ditto the check with your school sentiment. Mine is very picky- no clogs (wahhhh...want my Danskos!) no sneakers, all white shoes are required. I'm still looking for a decent pair. I totally understand not wanting to spend a ton of money- once my clinicals have ended, I want to be able to buy a pair of shoes I WANT, not the type my school forces on me. I know my employer isn't too picky (I've worked at the same hospital for ten years) so I will be able to get my Danskos then. Just wish now I hadn't gotten rid of my last pair of Nursemates- they would have been perfect, but I hadn't worn them in years, so I donated them.
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    I just graduated and we had the strict all white professional shoe as well. I agree with Hospice RN... don't buy cheap shoes you will regret it. I went to payless and bought shoes for $24 because I couldn't afford danskos or nurse mates... worst mistake ever. My back has never been so sore, even after a 6 hour shift. (My feet are not high arched I have never had back problems). Its worth the extra money. I personally just purchased NurseMates because although you can get danskos for almost the same price (this is only sometimes and you have to look around) I don't have the patience to break in a set of shoes and the soles of the nurse mates were really cushy.... and I have weak ankles... the danskos felt like I would fall out of them..

    Good luck in your search
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    Thanks for all the suggestions! I have bad feet (pronation) so I decided I should get a good pair. I got a pair of NurseMates for $46.
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    I bought the Landau comfort shoes, non skid. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. 40 dollars
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    Quote from rcm0915
    i am starting my clinical in sept. and we are required to buy "white nursing shoes." anyone know of any sites where i can find some good, cheap and maybe even halfway decent looking ones. does anyone know if student nurses are allowed to wear white croc-style shoes?

    there are good shoes and there are cheap shoes. i'd invest in the good ones -- your feet, knees and back will thank you. i swear by danskos, and if you get them at the outlet they're 1/3 off.

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