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I'm thinking about getting some custom scrubs made. I found a seamstress who will do quality work for $15/hr, and I love me some silk/cotton blends. I know it's not entirely practical, but I wouldn't mind having some midnight... Read More

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    I'll let you know when the tops come in. The seamstress has other engagements at this time, so there will be a lag before she will be able to produce the final product. If it's good, I am straining at the gate to pick up some really over the top stuff to make ornate short sleeves, neckline, and pocket accents that will look nice with a hand-turned burl wood pen.

    I love nursing, the patient contact, the bond we share. I work in psych so there's an element to it that can't be expressed verbally. It helps to be able to floss some gear that says I know what I'm doing and I'm committed to this line of work. The white jacket just doesn't do it for me. It looks cheap and throwaway.

    By the time I have my PMHNP cert, I want to have a work closet of scrubs that tell the world I'm a nurse, but I'm a stylin' nurse. How cool would that be to have a set of scrub tops that are made of nice Italian suit material tailored to my satisfaction, with a white pocket hanky, pen holders, and a sleeve sticky note pocket. I really think that would be just the thing.

    Of course, that means I'd have to pair that top with some fine wool slacks, etc. Maybe I'll get some cotton/silk blend slacks made to match the tops. I just don't want to show up to work with the same scrub top every other guy has. Dickies, red sleeves, black body. How boring is that.

    Wouldn't that be cool to have a nice black/sand houndstooth Pendleton pattern sleeve/neckline and pocket with a black silk/cotton blend body? Come on, that's hot. Preshrink, mate, and sew. Scrubs can be high end if you want them to be.
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    Love it - thanks for sharing the progress report here with your fellow lovers of the creative approach.

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