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So, where I work, we supply our own uniforms. Some units, like L&D and OR, have hospital issued scrubs and each service has a color code. When I first got hired, I was told that the entire nursing department was considering... Read More

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    At the other institution I used to work at, most floors could wear whatever they wanted. Some floors (mainly the ICU step-down and the neuro/trauma unit) made nurses wear ciel blue and techs/aides wear dark gray.

    At my current institution, we can also wear whatever want; however, starting January 1st, we are switching over to color-coded uniforms. I guess the entire hospital was able to vote on their uniform color.
    RNs: galaxy blue
    LPNs: royal blue
    RT: black
    techs/aides: teal
    unit secretaries: khaki (yuck!)

    I personally like the galaxy blue. And imo, ANYTHING is better than white! The Cleveland Clinic still makes their nurses wear all white. PCT's and PCNA's have to wear hunter green.

    The rationale is so that patients know who is who...but even with color coded uniforms patients still do not know. At my old institution, we would have our job title in BIG black letters underneath our ID badge - it was say RN, LPN, TECH, NSG ASST, EKG TECH, MD, etc...I was a tech, but patients would still refer to me as the nurse. Other hospitals I have worked with have job titles that are "less noticeable" on badges, but have color-coded uniforms. Patients still ask "are you my nurse?"

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