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  1. going2BaNurse2014

    Uh manoa spring 2012

    I was a transfer student and got in on my first try. Its not impossible but the competition is stiff, lots of smart people in my class.
  2. going2BaNurse2014

    Things you would love to say to your fellow nursing students!

    -hmmm I have no idea why NO ONE wants to be your partner at clinical? or work with you on most any project we have? perhaps its because you have to be right about everything, even when you are dead WRONG! thank you, sir-knows-it-all -stop sighing ...
  3. going2BaNurse2014

    Things you would love to say to your fellow nursing students!

    ROFL!!!!! That sounds like my life, minus 2 kids and a job, and add in about 3 hours of traffic each day, give or take, when I only live 20 miles from my school :/
  4. going2BaNurse2014

    Educate a dinosaur :D

    My school required the NLN-RNPAX, which is the NLN's pre-entrance exam for RN programs, or something like that. My school requires that you pass it with at least 50% in each of the verbal, math, and science areas to be considered for acceptance. The ...
  5. going2BaNurse2014

    Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants

    Yeah I bought the patho book, the APA book and another book from amazon, the rest I bought from the bookstore... the good thing is that you will use the books throughout the program. ratemyprofessor.com is helpful for choosing your instructor too. I ...
  6. going2BaNurse2014

    Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants

    Yes get your health requirements done ASAP, that gives you earlier choice of instructors. I'm partial to my clinical instructor, Mrs. Hodges, she's really sweet and we did most of our clinicals at one place (the VA), all of the other groups rotate ar...
  7. going2BaNurse2014

    Recommended stethescopes/Nursing Central for UH?

    thats the app right? I don't recommend buying it since you cannot use your ohone or ipod or ipad at clinicals. I have a cardiology III but the littman classic II will work fine, I love my cardio III though. It all depends on your level of hearing. th...
  8. going2BaNurse2014

    Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants

    The dollar signs add up quick! Congrats spring class of 2012! I also have 2 pairs of green scrub pants, unisex, size med if anyone wants them. I recommend 2-3 polos and 1-2 sets of scrubs, you can wait for a few weeks on scrubs because you don't actu...
  9. going2BaNurse2014

    Sentara School of Health - RN?

    I had a few friends that were trying to get in there, I believe they have a nurse residency program after you graduate. My advice is go through the ODU ABSN, its about 1/4 the cost of sentara, and in a shorter time frame. I think ODU may also have a ...
  10. going2BaNurse2014

    Uh manoa spring 2012

    Oh and CONGRATS! Spring of 2012 cohort! should be seeing you guys soon! be stoked because we just got a brand new sim lab too, it opens in the fall and it is AWESOME!
  11. going2BaNurse2014

    Uh manoa spring 2012

    Hey guys, when we registered for fall, UHM offered a free cpr certification. Just save your money if they are offering it, which I don't see why they wouldn't since the instructor is the admin guy for the BSN program (Michael) who you turn all of you...
  12. going2BaNurse2014

    Spring 2012 UH Manoa BSN Applicants

    To those that are waitlisted at UHM, keep your heads up, the fall 2011 class took at least 2 (that I know of) into our cohort. There is hope!! :) And congrats to all you newly admitted BSN students!!! :) Its awesome! I never actually received my ...
  13. going2BaNurse2014

    Can NPs prescribe medication?

    Many times NPs have an agreement with a physician who basically co-signs on all of the narcotics they prescribe, BUT it all depends on the state and the scope of practice for the NPs in that state which is set up by the state's BON. In Hawaii NPs now...