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  1. tech1000

    Staying home day after fever?

    If the child is fine, I feel like 24 hours is a lot. The germs spread long before the kid got a fever, so does it really matter? And some parents could face losing their jobs if they call out every time their kid gets sick. If their kid is feeling well enough to go to school, fine.
  2. tech1000

    IVP vs Drip

    Our ED docs order meds ALL THE TIME (as in, every single time they order an infusion, aside from potassium for some reason, which automatically enters that it's 10mEq/hr) with no infusion rate. Not a single order says how long to infuse the meds over. But, you can easily look up how long meds infuse over or call pharmacy if you aren't sure what rate to infuse at. That said, I hang certain meds instead of pushing. Not too often, but I do.
  3. tech1000

    Heparin bolus administration

    I draw the bolus. We use the 1000units/1ml for our boluses. And we literally do give them IVP prior to beginning the actual infusion (which is, I believe, 25,000units in 500cc). I'm not sure why you'd give a "bolus" subq? That seems really strange.
  4. tech1000

    Not excited to start nursing. :(

    I was never very excited. Then again, I don't find work fun. I get excited about trips and going to fun places. Work? Nah... And I felt like I didn't know anything either. I still sometimes feel like I don't know things I should, after 3 years. But I ask other nurses the same things and sometimes they don't know either.
  5. tech1000

    Black Nurse Leaders

    Is this referring to race? Cause what does color have to do with leadership?
  6. tech1000

    My impressions on the ER so far

    I've heard of ERs with no patient cap and am immensely grateful not work in one. We have 3-4 patient assignment and adhere very strictly to that. I don't care of it's change of shift when my patient goes up. Think I never get a train wreck or code at shift change? It happens. More than enough. Luckily we can send our regular floor patients up without a verbal report now so it's not at issue. I am apologetic if I'm handing off a ton of stuff (I take care of stat orders) because I've had a critical patient or crazy assignment, but for the most part, nurses are understanding. And I hate holding admit holds because I LOVE having my docs around.
  7. tech1000

    Specialize in Pediatric AND Adult emergency care?

    We have adult and peds ER and nurses can float between them both. Not all do, and some have a preference not to float.
  8. tech1000

    dumbest nurse in the industry.

    8 med errors is a LOT. I've made one in five months- I gave 1mg of Dilaudid and not 0.5mg. The pt tolerated it well and honestly, 1mg would have probably made more sense to order on this lady anyway. BUT- what are your errors? Is it the wrong pt? Wrong med? Wrong dose? You have to check and double check. After that one error, I sit down and look at the computer right before I walk into the room to check the name and check the meds and doses. If I'm giving something I don't usually give, I check right before I pull it up and sit down to check again to make sure I have exactly what I need to give in my hand. You are definitely not too far in to be asking questions! You've been a nurse for FIVE months! Find a handful of nurses and explain to them how you feel and tell them you'd really like them to help you understand things. I'm lucky because I've had one preceptor for the last 4 months and she is AWESOME! I get my heart meds mixed up with beta blockers and CCB and reducing preload and afterload and blah blah blahhhhh... I still have to ask a lot, "Okay, I'm giving Lopressor- this is the BP and this is the HR- is this okay?" since those meds just don't stick in my head and I don't want to bottom out my patients. I know which nurses at work I can ask questions to and not feel like an idiot. ASK ASK ASK. It's how you learn. By now, you probably should understand what it means if the HR is 120. But you have a lot of years ahead of you so if you don't, you just need to ask and learn. When a nurse explains it, ask some more questions so you know exactly what's going on. I even sometimes preface my questions with, "I know I've learned this, but I get confused sometimes. Can we just go over this again?"
  9. Go to google.com and under one of the links at the top (maybe it says "More")- click on Google Scholar. Search your topic there. You can even select dates to make them current. Then once you find an article that looks like it may be helpful, you can go into your school's online journal library (since you still usually have to pay for the google scholar articles) and search under just that specific journal. My ex taught me that and it has saved me TONS of time!
  10. tech1000

    Day in the life of a nursing student?

    I had class for 4 hours on Wednesday and clinical from 6am-4ish on Monday and Friday... That was it. I loved it. However, I spent HOURS a week studying... I usually worked 12 hours a week and studied anywhere from 15-30hours a week. I tried to work out for an hour most evenings of the week. I hardly had time to see friends and although I lived with my ex boyfriend at the time, I rarely spent time with him. Nursing school was really time consuming for me because I'm the type of person that has to study to do well, and I also WANTED to study since you have to really know this stuff when you graduate. But it's all over after that NCLEX and you're DONE!
  11. Yes yes yes. Always at admission.
  12. tech1000

    Last clinical, sad

    We did that in nursing school too. We had a group of 5 during our first year and second year they actually tried to put us with those people. I love my nursing buddies (and we've been out of school since May).
  13. tech1000

    crap...am I in huge trouble???

    Fired over leaking water? I'd hope not...
  14. tech1000

    How'd You Get Your ER Job?

    I found an ER that was hiring techs while I was in nursing school. I worked hard, was on time, and the nurses liked me. I applied for an RN job when I finished nursing school and was hired.
  15. tech1000

    Patient and family priorities

    I had a 1013 the other day (13 year old boy, slightly mentally challenged) and he rang that code blue button ovvver and ovvver and over again! Not like we can take it off the wall or unhook it. Not that this is that relevant. I also had a pt who had an elevated BP (she has HTN and was out of her BP meds). Her fiance showed up and our greeter called to see if he could come back. One of our docs was in the room so I said he could come back in 5 minutes. The greeter called me right back and said, "Can you talk to this guy?" He said, "I'm not just her friend, I'm her FIANCE and I HAVE to be back there RIGHT NOW!" I wanted to say, "I don't care if you're her HUSBAND since you don't count for anything when you're her fiance, you'll come back when I say you can since you aren't the pt." I was nice and firm. Then, at the time of her discharge, her BP was 180/90ish and he wouldn't let me discharge her until we took care of her BP. She had an Rx for her meds. She was fine. But his uncle was a lawyer. I had to call security to get him to leave the room so we could talk to the pt. I wanted to warn the girl that she's making a big mistake marrying this guy...
  16. tech1000

    Vodka tampons?!?

    Wow, crazy. I work in a pretty busy ED and read an article on vodka eyeballing but never saw anybody come in for doing it. Never seen anybody come in for this either, and hopefully we don't. Teens really are dumb (myself included when I was that age).