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  1. Pull Back on Syringe?

    I never draw a med with the needle I give it with. Piercing the top can slightly dull the needle. I pull all the med in with a smart tip, then put on my needle, then "prime" the needle.
  2. Nursing accessories for ER/ED?

    Figs are definitely not needed for ER nursing. ER nursing doesn't require more expensive scrubs than any other type of nursing. I wear a t-shirt and regular old scrub pants. No extra pockets or anything. I have a stethoscope and that's about it. If I...
  3. Staying home day after fever?

    If the child is fine, I feel like 24 hours is a lot. The germs spread long before the kid got a fever, so does it really matter? And some parents could face losing their jobs if they call out every time their kid gets sick. If their kid is feeling we...
  4. Did I make a mistake by going into nursing?

    You aren't a failure! So many people change majors in college! If all 18 year olds knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their life, well, colleges wouldn't make nearly as much money from all of us :) There really is absolutely nothing wrong wi...
  5. What is a good attrition rate for nursing school.

    My school had a 97% NCLEX pass rate. I felt good about that :) I knew a lot of other grads from private colleges who paid big money for their degrees and failed the NCLEX multiple times, and multiple people came from the same program.
  6. Travel Nursing After School

    Travel nursing locally isn't all it's made out to be. First of all, not all cities are big on local contracts. (Portland was, my hometown is not.) A lot of places looking for travel nurses also actually require you to be outside of 50 miles from the ...
  7. MSN

    I would highly recommend waiting until you're in nursing longer. I changed my mind a bunch with what I wanted to go to school for, so I'm glad I waited. Ultimately, I'm at West Georgia doing an MSN in health systems leadership (they also have clinica...
  8. Cheating in nursing school

    We had people cheat in nursing school and they got kicked out of the program for good. No chance of reacceptance.
  9. Clinical Alone

    Don't fret. Those are observation days usually. No other nurse wants to be responsible for your actions :)
  10. Debt for Nursing School

    I never get it when nurses come out of school with major debt. Nursing isn't that lucrative to start with, but if you really want to do it, then do it. But find a way around it. My hospital paid employees $3000 annually for school but they have to st...
  11. Medication safety project help

    You could discuss phenergan since it is caustic but still routinely given IVP. We also give it IM on patients who are quite large and I always wonder if it ends up more subq than IM in those patients. Also, you could discuss something like beta block...
  12. Well, use that EMT experience to get a job as an ER tech in a hospital. If you can't immediately with the experience you have, you usually qualify to get tech jobs after a semester of nursing experience. Once you're in an ER as a tech, it's pretty ea...
  13. New ER RN- does it get better?

    No, it will not get better. I've been in the ER for 5 years now and it hasn't changed at all. While I am burnt out, I don't think I have quite that negative of an outlook. It is unreasonable to expect that you can be a nurse, but not to have to toler...
  14. EMS Radio Reports

    If it's an adult patient, we have a monitor tech who is watching all ED monitors and also takes the EMS calls. On our children's side, any nurse or paramedic takes it. Techs aren't allowed to take the calls unless they're also a monitor tech.
  15. Just out of curiosity, why did you go to nursing school if you weren't interested in bedside care? What is it that you saw yourself doing with with a degree in nursing if you weren't willing to actually work as a nurse? This question isn't meant to b...