Clogs vs sneakers vs walking shoes, which one? - page 3

I have been offered and accepted a position in an ICU unit. My sneakers from school are wrecked at this point and I need to get something that will be supportive and comfy yet light. I am looking for your experiences with... Read More

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    I've had dansko clogs and Nike court shoes. The danskos take about a week to break in- they're really uncomfortable around 8 hours of wear at first. After they broke in, they're consistently comfortable all shift...except they don't breathe. I definitely notice that my feet stink more with them than with sneakers. They give height, which is nice....but that means that my standard sized scrub bottoms often look too short with them. The Nikes were great- comfy, breathable, cheaper. I added Dr. Schol's inserts to make them even more supportive. Overall, I think I do like the danskos better, I just wish they had better airflow.

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