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I have been offered and accepted a position in an ICU unit. My sneakers from school are wrecked at this point and I need to get something that will be supportive and comfy yet light. I am looking for your experiences with... Read More

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    Go to a running store and have them analyze your gait on a treadmill. They will tell you if you overpronate, underpronate, or are a neutral walker/runner. Then you can pick the appropriate shoe for your gait and arch, then you will be walking in Pedal Heaven. Asics, New Balance and Mizuno shoes are my favorite.

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    Am I the only one who wears converse "chuck taylor" all stars?? I love them! I am also a fan of new balance shoes. One day my new balance shoes for work were dirty so I wore my converse, that was a year ago and that's all I wear to work now. I have my new balances to work out in. For ppl who don't have any arch or feet problems I think these are cheap and comfy shoes.
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    Having worked in the Operating Room, I alternated with Danskos and Nike Air Max's. The busy days which is mostly everyday I wore my Air Max's, after all those shoes are made for running. Paid about $200 but its worth it after working a 12hr day with hard cases...
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    I love my Danskos for standing but I worked Tele and sometimes walked 12 miles in a day, and they're heavy. I alternate between my Nike Shox and another pair of Asics running shoes. Whatever shoe I wear (except the Danskos) has some kind of Dr. Scholl's insert for support.
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    I wear Skechers (spelling? I had a loooooong night, so I'm not sure I could spell my own name at this point) running shoes. They're very light and my feet seem to love them. Before that I had a pair of Reebok running shoes that I wore out, I loved them so much. You'll probably have to try a few different kinds and see what you like.
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    Dansko makes a canvas clog.. Heaven.
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    I have worked at facilities which did not actually ban a clog-type shoe, but highly discouraged them. They said studies had shown that people were more likely to fall (such as when running to a code, pushing a crash-cart, etc.) than with a closed shoe. I wear only closed shoes, never a clog or anything with an open back. I get a lot more support that way. I also buy my nursing shoes (or tennis-type shoes) in a half-size larger than I wear. I spent years of achy feet, after a 12 to 16 hour day, but vanity wouldn't let me buy a bigger shoe! Now, I never have any type of foot pain, and realize the extra size makes all the difference.
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    I live in my clogs! The SIKA closed back clogs are comfortable on my feet and they are wide enough for me. Their rocker sole helps me walk comfortably the long shifts I get. The open back ones are comfortable too and they are for home use. They are not allowed at work due to workplace regulations.
    If you need orthotics, a good walking shoe is the second choice - one that is easily cleaned and is without a lot of seams where biological fluids can wind up.
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    I have worn Dansko clogs for many years and have recently tried a new brand called Akesso and was pleasantly surprised. The Akesso mule style clog is incredibly comfortable, supportive and very light weight. The first day I wore them, my feet felt great with no leg fatigue. They are more professional looking than sneakers and are waterproof for an added bonus. I highly recommend giving them a try.
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    Nike Free Run 2.0!

    Light as air, and super comfy. However if available on your unit wear the bootie covers so u don't get mystery fluids on them lol

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