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Best Shoes for 12 hrs shift

  1. 0 I'm about to start my first Rn job, 12 hr shifts. I'm trying to be prepare and been doing a lot of research about best shoes. What do you guys recommend?
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    Dansko clogs. Make sure you get them loose enough.
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    sketchers shape ups - there are a kind that are not super high, they look mostly like regular sneakers. Takes a shift or two to break in but I absolutely love them. I wore danskos for two years trying to convince myself that they were comfortable but I just had so much leg/feet/back pain. I made the switch and would never go back.

    That being said you likely have to go by trial and error to find out what works for you, everyone is different
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    If you're really interested, I'll save you a whole lot of time waiting for the hundred different answers you'll get on this thread: it's been done to death here at AN--do a Search and you'll find everything you ever wanted to know and more.

    NO ONE can tell you what the best shoes are, because if Nurse A loves Brand A, Nurse B hated Brand A but loves Brand B...but wait, Nurse C had a problem with Brand B....get it?

    The shoes that are best are the ones that are most comfortable when you are wearing them for many hours, standing in them and walking in them for many hours, and ONLY YOU will know that, after trial and error.

    But of course, mark my words, there will be a string of "get these" and "don't get those" responses if you wait rather than Search.

    Best of luck to you.
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    I wear sketchers shape ups, as well, They're comfy, and my legs/feet never hurt, but only you'll be able to find the best shoes for you like the PP said. I wouldn't spend the money on danskos if regular sneakers do the trick, though.
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    I am a fan of having a few different pairs of shoes for work. Mostly I wore my used running shoes though and they worked out fine.
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    Quote from AnacaliRn
    I'm about to start my first Rn job, 12 hr shifts. I'm trying to be prepare and been doing a lot of research about best shoes. What do you guys recommend?
    My suggestion is to wear a different pair of shoes if you are working 2-12's back to back. I rotate my shoes for each shift. I find the 2nd day my feet are less stressed
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    Quote from klone
    Dansko clogs. Make sure you get them loose enough.
    I love my Danskos. You need to break them in, though. Your feet will probably hurt for a little while until you get used to them, then they are very comfy!
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    New balance M10's!
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    Nike Air Max's work for me.....and they are super cute.
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    You and your feet will have to do trial and error on the best shoes.
    I have flat feet, most shoes don't work well for me at all!
    Take two different styles with you.. change off in mid-shift and rub a pain relief cream in when you switch.

    Good luck!
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    I found the best shoes for me are the Reebok Easytone or Simpletone. They give a lot of heel and ball of foot support. These have been the best for me. It all depends on your feet. The best you can do is try out different pairs and what works best for you.

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