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Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe. Thanks... Read More

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    My friend bought me a pair of white Skechers Shape Ups for graduation- I work 12s and they are awesome- so comfortable! They were weird at first since they are rounded, but I got used to them quickly and now I can't even tell they are shaped "weird". Good luck!
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    Dansko's are my favorite by a long margin. Hope you find something that works for you.
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    There is some research out there that shoes with thick soles (which minimalists call marshmallow shoes) are actually no good for your feet. The argument is based on the idea that humans were walking, running, and hunting years before marshmallow shoes were invented. To make a long story short the feeling there is to go with a shoe that is closest to having nothing on at all.
    except that our ancestors weren't walking on concrete, but dirt and or grass. unlike a natural ground, concrete has no give to it.

    as for the question that was asked, i tried dansko, they are great if you need arch support. but they are very hard, heavy and high. the weight was never an issue with me. but when your standing/ walking for a couple hours straight with no chance to sit down, they hurt my feet. also they are kind of high off the ground.
    for me a good pair of sneakers worked just fine. i also don't loose my balance like the dansko. new balance are nice, but after a couple of months i do need to replace the inserts. that usually buys me a couple of months until i just go a buy a new pair. but righ now i'm wearing skechers(sp?) shape-ups toners. they are like the reebok shoes(with the ball techonology thingy), but more bouncy.
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    Quote from 1968cowgirl
    I have a pair of z-coils and they are well worth the money.
    I have these....I hate them!!! I am getting splinters after wearing them. After a long shift in them, I can barely feel my legs. I have given them 5 months, and am done with them. Not worth the money to me.
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    This is how I feel about the Allegrias! I feel like they should be paying me to wear them because they hurt my ankles so bad afterwards!
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    I love to be barefoot at home, and love my all-stars but they are so uncomfortable to walk for a whole day in, I think it depends on your foots shape, any past injuries etc. Also what works for one may not work for another. Glad they work for you for nursing, they are super cute, but I could never do it!!
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    I have shape ups for walking and spent a day wearing them at an amusement park, OMG did my feet KILL!! I love them for my am walk but never could I wear them all day!
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    thanks for all the input everyone! have gotten new insight on nursing shoes! will be researching some further to try out.
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    Brooks Addiction. They're ugly but Brooks are amazing, comfortabel shoes.
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    My shoe journey has been pretty expensive. For nursing school, nurse mates and some other thing that were on sale, made me cry. Walmart used to sell women's "treds" shoes in white, that pair lasted me until graduation and it wasn't too horrible. I went through a pair of danskos that I had to give up due to rolling my feet laterally- apparently I walk like a bowlegged monkey. The wear on my soles is always on the lateral outsides. A pair of knockoff crocs was okay except for the tripping. Nike shox were great until suddenly they weren't. I don't know what changed but they hurt. Merrell's got thrown in the trash while at work. Kswiss are still my go-to's after four years. I keep replacing memory foam insoles in them. There have been two pair of little things with terrific fit on the bottom but built so light that the base isn't real stable and they feel great till midnight, then they hurt like hell. This week I bought some birkenstocks 'cause I heard the soft footbed is great. I was pleasantly surprised that they were wearable for 12 hours the first time. These were the shoes however, NOT the clogs. I am still half expecting them to disappoint me at some point, but they did do well to begin with. I think it also helped that I got the right size. I think everyone has to find their own thing, and that feet are fickle, vile creatures who will turn on you just when you think you know what to buy.

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