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Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe. Thanks... Read More

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    Do the Alegria's roll easily? I am scared to wear dansko's and other similar clogs with a high heel because I have a habit of rolling my ankles.

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    Your work shoes should be the best fitting, most comfortable footwear you own. Fit is much more important than brand. Each company sizes their products slightly differently, and the most popular brand will not fit all feet equally well. A great shoe that is too tight, or that slips, slides, and gives you blisters, is not a great shoe for you. The most common mistake is buying shoes too small. Your feet "spread out" during a long shift, so the size that works for everyday wear may be too small for work. I suggest shopping after you have finished a shift, when your feet are "big." And, never buy a shoe with the expectation that it will stretch after you buy it. Your shoes should feel great the first time you wear them. If they do not, keep looking, regardless of how well rated the brand is.
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    Nurse Mates! I got a pair from my kids because my feet always hurt. My feet NEVER hurt now! Below is the link to the pair I bought. They look like they have high heels, but in fact they don't. It's all cushion. Also, I can slip them off easily if I want to.

    Dove - White - Nurse Mates Womens
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    Quote from gladtobeOB
    Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe.
    No to Dansko..too heavy and hard....I wear Dr.Shoals...two different clogs if you role your ankles....I just got out of an orthopedic boot because of ankle issues and ortho pedic surgeon said no no no no to clogs. I have also found that if I wear a different pair of shoes each day..I work 2 12 hours shifts back to feet are much better off......Timberland just came out with a new line of work shoes...have not tried them yet though......good luck.
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    Merrells! They are the most comfortable shoes ever. Try on different styles, though, becasue I have some I relly like (jungle moc and encore breeze) and others I don't.
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    Thumbs up for the Orthoheels...... Best shoes ever and at around $100.00 a pair they are a great buy! They come in different widths as well. They are not heavy like Dansko's! They are also washable!
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    Quote from gladtobeOB
    Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe.
    At the recommendation of my podiatrist when I had plantar fasciitis, I purchased a pair of Brooks Addiction Walkers. They come in widths so I can buy the narrow width that fits my foot, and they come up to a size 12, which is also important as I now wear an 11 or 11 1/2. I've been using a good quality over-the-counter orthotic from Superfeet and I no longer have plantar fasciitis and my feet don't hurt at the end of the day. If you want an athletic type shoe, I recommend going to a good shoe store and trying on a pair.
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    Try the ones recommended from the other posts, as it all depends what's comfortable for you. I have a somewhat flat foot and wear Danskos for the awesome arch support. Other than being exhausted, nothing hurts at end of shift--not my feet, back...nothing. Unlike tennis shoes and Crocs, Danskos are a sturdy, solid shoe that really protect your foot from accidental roll-overs, and make it easy manipulate a stubborn brake. Also, get some good socks (like running socks) or wear support knee highs. Yes, they can be $10 a pair, and the shoes are $100+, but when you're on you're feet all day, you need to make the investment in your comfort and well-being.

    Danksos are available in narrow widths if this is an issue for you. They have a patent leather animal print, and a ruby red patent that reminds me of Dorothy's magic shoes.

    I loved the Z-Coils but they weren't narrow enough for me. Be careful with Z-Coils if you are in the OR, or any area of the hospital where there may be lots electrical cords on the floor.
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    I wear a good quality walking or running shoes, usually new balance for me.

    Different shoe companies use different shaped lasts so one company may fit you better than another.

    Any company capable of outfitting tens of thousands of runners should easily be able to keep your feet happy for 5 miles a day
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    Quote from gladtobeOB
    Please tell me what kind of work shoes are the best. I am in desperate need of a comfortable supportive shoe.
    I would go to a foot care place where they will fit you with shoes, and orthotics, such as supports. It is well worth the money to get a good pair of shoes and inserts. I can usually get by with New Balance shoes, as they have a good heel support. I do switch to clogs,crocs, and the like when at home. Most of these foot shoe specialists will let you give the shoe a try at home. And exchange it if it shows no wear, for something better. I felt comfortable in a wider shoe than I got measured for, but do know how a narrow foot will hurt, too.

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